Twisted fate

At some time in a past life I must have met up with Fate and really pissed her off. Or perhaps it was just karma (sutra). Of course it could just have been that shit just happens. Or maybe it was indeed Fate but, because She knows the future, she was trying to give me a benevolent nudge. I don’t know which but when I placed what I shall here forth refer to as Jo’s order, it never occurred to me that I would have to deal with a repeat of the my recent postal debacle.

It was about 5:30am when

my Wife scrambled towards the bathroom to throw up. About half an hour previously,  as I whiled away the hours of insomnia, I’d placed the wholly unnecessary Jo’s order. Not that the two were incompatible: there was no reason to think She’d be off work for more than a day or two and I’d paid for cheap postage so the package shouldn’t arrive for three or four.

Inevitably, my poor Wife ended up being tucked up in bed feeling unwell for a week.
And Jo’s order only took 3 days to arrive.
And I was out of the house when it was delivered.
And She signed for the mysterious package.
And I found the anonymous box on the kitchen table when I returned.

A couple of legitimate parcels had arrived that week, and they hadn’t been discussed either – there had been no need – but you cannot help a pang of paranoia when Fate decides to literally put your pervy parcel in the hands of someone you would, but really wouldn’t want to know these were in it …

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