Sinful Sunday 341 – Don’t blame me!

Dear Reader, I would like to apologise for this photo, and emphasise it is really not my fault. I’m blaming Jo for it. It’s not that she directed the photo shoot (I wish!), let alone snuck into my house and snapped it when I wasn’t looking, nor did she supply me with the necessary accessories, but she is absolutely guilty of inspiring the homage to her own image and, most significantly, of catalysing its creation with her active approval of the idea.

Sinful Sunday

It’s not even as if she was remotely repentant. So if there is anything about this shot that

makes you uncomfortable (and despite my ownership of lace manties, as someone who has no specific interest in cross dressing and certainly not transvestism, I’m only about 97% comfortable with it myself), please direct your admonishment towards Jo at Teachers Have Sex.

Conversely, Molly deserves some credit, as November’s theme is Over Exposed. I know I’m a couple of weeks early for the prompt, but considering one of the first shots I took was grossly over exposed and, considering my attire, one might reasonably consider me to be over exposed, it seemed only appropriate to use it.

Don’t blame me

Footnote: I would liked to have played around with these stockings and taken some more photos, but I was running out of time and, when they kept falling down (there’s a reason someone invented hold-ups), sadly the lace top of one of them separated from the rest of the leg as I pulled it up just before I could get too creative. Maybe I’ll get another pair … though I do have something else even more deviant in mind. Nothing may come of that, but watch this space.

24 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 341 – Don’t blame me!”

  1. Good one! I thought it was Jo when I saw the thumbnail, and thought “what the hell, a repeat?’. That’s amazing what you created. No fair using this for the prompt next month.

  2. Yes yes yes – I adore a man in stockings or holdups – Love it!

  3. Do Jo and Molly get all the credit for how amazing this photograph is too lol? Really sexy and just fantastically shot as well! Very nice legs 😉
    Aurora x

  4. A great image and I love the double use of ‘overexposed’ here 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Do go buy some more! Great idea (thanks Jo – lol!) and terrific shot.
    Indie x

  6. Great image, no matter who takes the blame 😉

  7. Great angle! Xxx

  8. In the little profile shot on the Sinful Sunday site I actually thought this was a black and white edit from Jo. Fab idea! Xx

  9. This is a great shot and yes a perfectly example of how over exposing an image can in fact sometimes make for an brilliant shot. I love the sun flare and the way you look like your are disappearing into the light


  10. That is a lovely image and view. I have always found male crossdressing in stockings and skirts to be a turn on. Great use of the prompt as well!

  11. Not. Repentant. One. Bit. >< I also love the light circles / flare as well as the idea of taking someone else's image and making it your own! Perhaps a future monthly prompt? I love how much natural light you have in your bathroom!

    • I’m glad you aren’t repentant. 😉
      Having embarked on the creation of this picture, I did comtemplate my own theme of plagiarism – each week reacreating a photo from the previous.
      Sadly there isn’t quite as much light in the bathroom as this suggests – I just got the exposure completely wrong on the first few shots. It’s actually quite difficult to find places with good natural light in our house without being on display to neighbors walking by. Which for Sinful Sunday presents extra challenges

  12. jerusalemmortimer Says:

    “But society’s to blame.”
    “Right! We’ll be arresting them too!”

    Great idea, and great photo!

    • Jerusalem, my dear pervert, I have already been lured into lurid territory by Jo – I’m not going to let you tempt me into bashing bishops that aren’t my own, especially if they’re dead.

  13. I love how we all inspire each other in this supportive community.

  14. I love this shot! Especially the play of light with the texture of the stockings. Should definitely be credit not blame.

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