Vicious cycles

After yesterday’s innuendos and my Wife’s inclination to talk about SEX the day before, followed by our first (limited) snuggle on the sofa in front of a movie in months, and then even the briefest Her-hand-on-my-shoulder / my-hand-on-Her-thigh in bed, I couldn’t help but have some hope.

The clocks went back overnight. We stayed up later than usual just to

offset daylight saving. I woke barely an hour later with a hard-on, thankfully getting back to sleep relatively quickly. An hour and half later I was awake again, my turgid member an irritation at that time of night. The same cycle repeated, with both me and my cock very much awake again just after 4:30am. Neither my cock nor I were going to find any relaxation by staying in bed.

Come 9am the rest of the family descended for breakfast and my Wife announced She hadn’t slept well either … and that She felt hormonal.

I don’t sleep because I don’t have sex.
She now doesn’t sleep because Her hormones are middle aged.
We are both tired and ratty.
And if there were anything that could derail that repetition, it would have to outweigh these vicious cycles.

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