Come the revolution

What stated me on this search?
The obvious first answer is Jo … and the aftermath.
But what specifically set me scouring the web for a well priced,

shiny, black, PVC corset … that would fit … me?

You see, Dear Reader, I’m not really interested in cross dressing, and certainly not in transvestism. Indeed the latter is a significant turn off for me.

Although I love my lace manties …


… I have no real interest in cross dressing and feminisation as a fetish – I can’t comprehend what turns men on about wearing false tits, a wig and makeup. One of the online retailers I have bought underwear from has a cross dressing sister website. In the process of buying the peach briefs above from them, I gave serious consideration to the male models wearing bras and babydolls, and frankly, I think it just looks silly.

And what’s this with shiny black PVC? I like shiny fetishwear … but black is just so passé – I far prefer colour. I do own a pair of black PVC jeans, but those have barely seen daylight (or indeed the sleazy half-light of sweaty rock clubs) for around 20yrs, and I’d far rather wear my red rubber catsuit. (I’d prefer that wasn’t even red, but rather orange or green or purple or burgundy or …)

So what did set me off on this search?

I think the simple answer is rebellion.

From time to time Geri would refuse to fuck me unless I wore her lingerie. It was just a giggle. She wanted to be on the end of my [masculine] cock just as much as I wanted her [feminine] cunt on the end of it, and it was far more D/s than gender bending. When we went to a sing-along performance of The Rocky Horror Show, the pleasure I took from dressing as Frank N. Furter …

… came as much from just being outrageous as anything else.

You see, Dear Reader, I enjoy doing things that can be disapproved of. Especially sexually. I have my limits, but if Abbess Mary Virtue O’Halloran and the chaste sisters Of The Immaculately Naivety would blush an outraged tone of crimson at it, it’ll probably get my willy harder than their hassocks.

Recreating Jo’s Sinful Sunday photo was a lot of fun and a big part of that was the subversion of wearing fishnet stockings. It got me yearning for the deviancy of Frank N. Furter.

It wouldn’t be entirely unjustified to think of my underwear drawer as a colourful, overtly pouched rebellion against my Wife’s monochrome modesty.

Add my love of fetish fabrics, and I guess that what’s brought me down this road.

If only I could find exactly what I was after. An ultra high gloss, back lacing, front busker, black PVC corset with both shoulder and suspenders straps, matching G-strings, gloves and a pair of fishnet stockings (that won’t fall apart), all of which will fit a flat chested man.

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