For reasons that may become significant, in terms of context, note that this post is just over a week late being published

Having started with M, it’s time to move on to some other letters of the alphabet … though not necessarily in the conventional order.

Let’s start with H and R and T.

After my Wife was told She was probably staring down the barrel of Menopause, She went for some tests. The results came back and whilst it appears that barrel is fully loaded, there’s nothing abnormal, which is reassuring. There’s nothing that can’t be managed with medication.

Which brings us to our 5th letter: P is for progesterone.

And that’s what She’s getting prescribed. When She told me, She said something about At least [… I didn’t quite hear what …] the Pill. Although I didn’t hear the middle bit and was curious to know what She’d said, I didn’t follow it up.

I knew roughly what the various sex hormones do, but not in great detail, so I hit the internet. The first web article I read on progesterone really didn’t fill me with hope, as it suggested elevated levels may lead to decreases libido. Whoopdy fucking doo!

Thankfully, a little more research revealed a different consensus: that progesterone supliments have a tendency to increase women’s lobidos, possibly to higher than even pre-menopausal levels.
Which would be nice.

When She’d picked up Her first pack of pills, I googled the brand name. Rather than information about HRT, the weight of text was about contraception. It turn outs what my Wife may have said was At least Im going back on the Pill. Though I’m not sure that makes sense as when She last came off The Pill it was at least in part due to negative side effects like fatigue, and She attributed Her lack of libido at least in part to the hormone balance, and it would suggest She viewed it as an opportunity to have sex. The latter seeming unlikely.

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