Maybe a lift

While I waited to drive the return leg of a Parental Evening Taxis run, I got a call from my Wife.

Her: Would it be convenient for you to pick me up on the way home. I thought I had time to pop into the department store but missed my connecting train.
Me: Yeah, no problem. See you in 25min.

When the after school activity was complete, we detoured to collect Her.

It was only an hour or two later, as I cooked supper, that I wondered what She had bought on Her shopping trip. I ran through the list of departments in my head …

B: Audio
2: Bedding
G: Cosmetics
B: Electrical appliances
3: Furniture
3: Haberdashery
B: Kitchenware
2: Lighting
1: Lingerie
G: Menswear
1: Schoolwear
G: Shoes
G: Travel goods
G: Televisions
1: Womenswear

… hang on … hang  on … hang  on …
Let’s rewind that list.
Shopping in many of those departments would normally involve prior discussion. If She was buying a new fridge, I’d know about it. And if She was buying a new pair of hiking boots, She’d probably tell me that. Yet She only said that She’d gone to the department store. Which department was conspicuous by its absence.

Later, as I passed Her bedroom door (we are still sleeping in separate rooms) I noticed a small branded carrier bag on the bed as She changed out of Her work clothes.

This morning I went snooping.
The bag was now on the top of Her dresser.
It contained …

I have to say it’s quite a nice bra. Plane, but a rich blue colour – a stark contrast with the interminable and deathly black.
It falls somewhere between padded and uplift, and has few of the usual seams and trim.
It is modest, but even seeing its smooth, moulded shape, I yearned to cup my hands around its curves … when filled with Hers.
Inevitably, She hasn’t opted for the matching briefs, as modest as they are …

… and is doubtless entirely unaware of the manufacturer’s claims about its comfort …

It also has one intriguing feature I don’t expect I’ll see the result of any time soon …

The inner surface of the cups are embossed with a floral pattern which, if my own experience of embossed branding is anything to go by, after a day’s wear, may well leave a rather tantalising branding on Her tits.

Maybe She just needed a new bra.
Maybe, prompted by our recent conversations about sex therapy, and Her subsequent online reading, She has a little seduction in mind.
Maybe not!
Maybe, considering Her disposition to the underwear I’ve bought Her in the past, I’m delusional.
Maybe I’m hoping for too much.
Maybe I’m over analysing.

5 Responses to “Maybe a lift”

  1. I’m right there with you on this – some of the things we love about women are some of the things they care less about.

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