Xmas cheer

It’s Xmas.
It’s time for clients to email suppliers  or visa versa) and buy them a few drinks before every one stops working for a week and a half.

On my way home from a rare drink with 5 people I know and 100 people with whom I may have had innumerable email conversations but don’t recognise, I feel the need to phone my Wife.

Because I want us to to FAOL.

[Sadly, Dear Reader, I wrote this post on my way home from those drinks and I am uncertain about what I intended to type … what I would have typed, had inebriation and Autocorrect interviewed. My best guess, looking at a QWERTY keyboard, is that I wanted us to to TALK.]

Because, when i get hone, slightly  (but not ecxrssively) the worse for free drink, I want to curl up with My Wife. 
I want to get home and feel as though someone cares that I’ve got hone … for a reason that extends beyond logistics. 

Yes? I’m slightly pissed.

So I phoned Her and told Her stuff about the day She almost needed to know. And then I told Her I wanted us to be fixed. And then my train arrived.

[The truth is, Dear Reader, I was pissed enough that I don’t remember much of the rest of the journey home. And I didn’t feel nearly as positive the next day, regardless of a hangover.]

2 Responses to “Xmas cheer”

  1. Sometimes, alcohol liberates things that need to come out…

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