Return of the butler

When my Wife and I met, we were members of a minority sports club. Whilst shopping for underwear in a gay shop in the red light district of The Big Smoke, I stumbled upon a greetings card. It featured a very buff, naked man participating in our sport. Only his face and cock obscured by strategically placed items of sporting equipment. It was the obvious Valentine’s card for Her. As I remember, this met with both approval and amusement.

A year later and We had acquired a webcam. Not, sadly, for the purpose of web-sex, but rather to converse with friends and relations on other continents. It did, however, with it a little effort, allow me to recreate the greetings card. Me naked and in an identical pose, with just my face and cock obscured by strategically placed items of sporting equipment. I printed it up as the next year’s Valentine’s card and again I believe it met with both approval and amusement.

This was around the time I had moved into my Wife’s flat and at weekends we had a habit of getting up late. Just as many couples do, we would stay in bed and read the papers. (Sometimes we’d even have sex!) At some point I would invariably go down to the kitchen and bring back a couple of mugs of tea or coffee.
For most of my adult life I have slept naked and I haven’t owned a dressing gownuk / bath robeus for 35yrs, so I would make the refreshments run in the buff.
We had a running joke that I was The Naked Butler.

On the back of my version of the naked sporting Valentine’s card, I put …

With hindsight, I honestly don’t think I ever knew what the reaction was to this. As far as I remember it was never commented on. It’s not impossible it was never noticed.

Roll the clocks forward 15yrs, and I was scratching my head when it came to what to get me Wife for Xmas. She’s hadn’t had many suggestions and most of those were accounted for courtesy of other people. I settled on something that would require Her choosing, and put together a faux-voucher / greetings card with the gift on the front.

On the back I put …

The clock was meant to signify going back to something like We used to have. Perhaps something even better.

The butler was … well, hopefully that would be obvious. If She noticed it. And if She had ever noticed the original.

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