It had been a rough day at the coal face of family life. Actually, two coal faces. And neither traumas involved fighting with my Wife. On the contrary, for one we were almost on the same side, and the other we were both shared the same enemy. By the end of the day we shared the same metaphorical bruises but had inflicted very few on the other.
Once We were finally left alone …
Me: Lets just go to bed.
She queried my statement.
Me: I said what I meant.

And that was it.
We went to bed.
The same bed.
It was better than sleeping on the sofa as I had been for the last week. With familial house guests accomodated in “Our” bedroom, I had given up my place in the spare room to Her, and I had moved to the sofa. Making sure I secreted my sleeping bag each morning before anyone else was awake in order to keep up appearances.

In bed I couldn’t …. or probabky more accurately didn’t want to face Her, so She spooned up behind me.

In the morning I was awake early.
I got out of bed and took my erection downstairs.

An hour or so later She joined me on the sofa. A brief conversation followed about clearing the casualties from the battlefield of the previous night. That done …

Her: Your affirmation of the day. I liked having you back in bed with Me. Just holding you. It reminded Me how much I miss you.

3 Responses to “Shared”

  1. This is lovely to read.
    Not the fighting with family part, of course, but the part where she states she missed you.

    • It was indeed good that She remembered that.
      Don’t hold your breath though: I moved back to the sofa the next night and there was much grumpiness the day after that.
      It doubtless speaks volumes that the thing that brought us together, as a few months ago, was a shared enemy .

    • Well, a shared enemy can be a catalyst like any other thing. At least it means that you still share some views on things.

      Sorry about you getting back on the sofa. Hope things improve with the second session.

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