Not seeing red

As I thumbed through my Tumblr feed with me left hand and thumbed my helmet with my right, I found myself utterly transfixed by …

A lot of translucent rubberwear leaves me a bit cold, but once in a while I find something like this. Maybe it’s the combination of the high neck line, high cut briefs and thigh high stockings? Whatever it is, this is one of the most gorgeous latex outfits I’ve seen in a very long time!

In a similar vein, more recently was this …

Hoods don’t do it for me, and I’m not into medical fetish, so the nurses headgear somewhat detracts, but the ever so thin suspender straps, the white trim, and the zipped crotch remind me of the outfit I designed for my Wife (which has never got made) to go with my latex catsuit (which did).

Aa much as I’d dearly love to polish my Wife when She is dressed in this, before unzipping each others crotches and fucking like rubber rabbits, I’d gleefully settle for seeing Her in someting as simple as this …

I’m findingit a lot easier to counjour up mental mages of my Wife dressed in rubber at the moment – who knows why – but I don’t imagine it  will ever happen. Never mind.

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