Do robots dream of electric dildos?

When Channel 4 recently made a show about sex robots for their robot / AI season, I’ll acknowledge my interest was partly lascivious, but I was just as curious to know about the state of the engineering and, possibly, about those who might buy a sex robot.

Whilst the electronic advances are impressive, we are still obviously a long way from ex-Machina and Stepford Wives and the idea that these robots are anything like the real thing is still steeped in fantasy.

As far as was discussed in the documentary, other than vocal and facial interaction, it sounds like such humanistic traits such as a self lubricating or orgasmicly spasming pussy are still very much on the development bench. At the end of the day, you can talk to the robot, but you’d still be fucking an eyewateringly expensive, life size lump of silicone. It isn’t going to fuck you back any time soon.

As for those who spend eyewatering amounts of money on fucking life size lumps of silicone, there were only two customers who appeared on screen. And with such an insignificant sample size it is difficult to draw any conclusions. (though if you saw the documentary, you will doubtless have don’t so.)

However, there was a little discussion of the sociological impact sex robots could have.

The narration stated “… many believe a future where female sex robots serve male fantasies carries serious risks”, by way of introduction to Dr Kathlene Richardson, the founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots.

“They further reinforce the idea that women are nothing but vaginas and breasts which can be removed and modified and exploited,” she said. It struck me that this represented quite a narrow view of sex robots, and even of sex.

The Sex Robots Are Coming [Ed: They knew exactly what they were doing with the title, right?] focussed on the Real Doll company and their efforts to add AI and robotics to their full size sex dolls. It is impossible not to concede that the aesthetics of their dolls and robots mimic the young, pneumatic, pornstar look (the ethics of such having been debated countless times) and whilst Real Doll do produce a male doll (complete with what appears to be chronic priapism), they obviously target a traditional male demographic.

But as an examination of the potentials, both good and bad, of sex robots, one important factor was missing. Dr Richardson’s comment that “vaginas and breasts […] can be removed and modified and exploited” makes no reference to the fact that, if one accepts a robot to be “a mechanical apparatus designed to do the work of a man” or a “plastic pal who’s fun to be with”, the majority of sex robots are phallic and intended for female sexual pleasure.

According to the statistical organisation Statistic Brain,  39.2% of online sex toy sales are vibrators, dildos and strapo-ons, compared to just 8.5% which are rubber vaginas. It is not clear whether those figures include the likes of either Real Dolls, the cheaper  (and presumably inferior) counterparts …

…  or other penetrative devices such like fuck machines

… but a visit to any sex shop will certainly support the suggestion that there are many many more sex toys sold for women than for men.

It is not uncommon to hear discussion about vibrators being brought into the bedroom because the female partner is not getting the sexual satisfaction she is due.  That the male partner is under performing. Unsatisfactory. Inferior. As a solution to the orgasmic deficit, to paraphrase Dr Richardson, who fears the misogynistic momentum of sex robots, the penis is removed, modified and exploited.

Are the sex robots really coming? The current market dominance of women’s sex machines not withstanding, yes, robots that will fuck are almost certainly on their way. But considering how far we really are from female sex robots, and what a seismic change would be required for both their mechanical capabilities, their social acceptance, and their economic accessibility, I don’t think there is much to fear … or look forward to … any time soon.

9 Responses to “Do robots dream of electric dildos?”

  1. LOVE your title. And completely apropos, considering it’s modified from Dick. 😉

  2. In the future will sex robot’s get headaches?

  3. I feel it’s all good as long as it’s Safe, Sane and Consensual. Don’t think you have to get consent from a robot, or should me and my vibrators have a serious talk? 😁

  4. corsetandstockings Says:

    It struck me this weekend that males have an immediate sex toy to play with that enables them to orgasm without too much effort – their beloved and always available cocks. Ok we women have sex organs to play with too but somehow ours just aren’t as accessible or as easily stimulated and sometimes require an external object (cock or dildo) to get us ‘there’. Perhaps this answers your question as to why there are so many sex toys for women on sale?

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