Yet more sleeping arrangements

After a week of seaaonal occupation, our familial house guests departed.
We were to have friends and their kids to stay the next night, and the logical decision was to let them all sleep in “Our” room.

For one night this would leave “Our” bed – more recently “Her” bed – unoccupied.
She could have moved from sleeping in the spare room back to “Her” room. She didn’t see the point for just one night.
I could have moved from sleeping on the sofa back to “Our” room. I didn’t see the point either.

The bells had drunk to mark the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. Our guests had gone to bed.

We had a brief hug and I wanted to sleep with Her.
There was some cursory conversation and suddenly I didn’t.
Anotger hug, and I wanted to sleep with Her again.

She went upstairs.
I waited for Her to leave the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth and then joined Her, unannounced in the Spare room.
Me: Is this ok?
Her: Of course.

In bed, I fidgetted as my semi jostled for Her attention.
I moved my crotch away from Her.
Me: I’m going downstairs. You’ll sleep better.
Her: Yeah. Sorry.

And that was it.

Xmas and NY were finally over and we finally had the house back to ourselves.

Her: I feel uncomfortable moving my stuff back into our room with you staying on the sofa or the cold so are room.
Me: It’s not so cold.
Her: Well I hope it won’t be for long.

Then She gave me Her affirmation of the day. We’d fallen out of the habit, and more significantly I was struggling to come up with any.

2 Responses to “Yet more sleeping arrangements”

  1. Of course, not now, but here is a suggestion possibly for the future. My husband and I have made our bedroom off limits to anyone, including our kids. I know it is probably the nicer bed, but guests just have to deal, or get a hotel room. It is now Our sanctuary and somewhere for the two of us to just be the two of us. Sure it won’t work for everyone, but it has made a WONDERFUL difference to us! 😁

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