DLS 19: Defiance

There are some things I do, if not entirely, at least partially out of defiance. Fuck the world!!! This is not indicative of maturity, I know, but as a man I’m only expected to have the maturity of a 14yr old … at best.

When I reach for the gin and top up my glass for the third time in an evening, whilst I genuinely like the taste and am far from averse to intoxication, as my Wife does not consume much alcohol, there is a touch of defiance in my imbibing.

When I wank, although Ithoroughly enjoy the act … and I’m sure you’re not surprised by that, Dear Reader … because Our marriage has been (to quote a TED talk on masturbation, loneliness, cheating and shame) sexless (ie less than 10 times a year) for years , there is a degree to which I am tugging myself off to raise an insolent finger … or insolent something else … metaphorically in my Wife’s direction.

When I wore rubber briefs to a school-mums’ coffee morning, it was because I really didn’t want to go. I felt the need to secretly rebel.

And these are not the only examples.
I’m sure Freud would have a field day with me.
Ah yes. Sigmund. One of the fathers of psychosexual therapy.
I wonder to what degree Sue, our relationship counsellor, working as a psychosexual therapist, has studied his work?

So it was with a degree of defiance that I padlocked myself into my CB6000s this morning.

In a couple of hours We will be talking to Sue. I did consider slipping a butt plug up my arse too, and wearing some latex underwear, but as well as being an act of defiance, the chastity cage seemed a rather appropriate metaphor in the circumstance. Wouldn’t you agree, Sigmund?

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