Sinful Sunday 360 – Third string

When Dievca’s post on G-strings appeared in my feed, obviously my interest was piqued. Not just because I love the sight of a woman in a G-string, but because I have more than a dozen of my own and, latex notwithstanding, amongst my nominally excessive collection of underwear, these are some of my favorites.

Of the three pictures Dievca posted …

… the one that caught my attention most was the male model. [Ed. He’s lying, Dear Reader. The picture of New Zealand burlesque performer Leda Petit (left) in pasties and a G-string got AM stiffer than a snorkel!]

Sinful Sunday

Technically most of my collection are thongs rather than G-strings, a distinction that often seems to get blured, and indeed the gentleman above appears, in my opinion, to be sporting a thong.

With the theme for this week’s Sinful Sunday being The Rule Of Thirds, well … lines … three … I’m sure you can kinda see where I ws going with this.

11 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 360 – Third string”

  1. very sexy clever shot

  2. That is a very sexy bit of string and a brilliant example of the rule of thirds as well


  3. Very sexy indeed!

  4. Thank you May, Molly, and MPB. But riddle me this – why do I find your use of very sexy so surprising?

  5. Love it! Great shot and… “stiffer than a snorkel” lol!

  6. Thong or g string, they’re all sexy as hell! This is a fantastic shot! Especially for the prompt. I love the black and white edit too.
    Aurora x

  7. Sometimes the simplest things are the sexiest things. Beautiful.
    Missy x

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