I should be more careful

Privacy is important, especially for pervy stuff. I like to think I’m careful with what windows I leave open on my computer and that my account passwords are reasonably secure, especially those I use regularly on my smartphone. And just because I’m proud pervert, some of my passwords are a bit pervy. eg For several years my phone was locked with 2868. [Ed: A free orgasm is the prize for the first person to work out why. Terms and conditions apply. Prize is non-transferable. No alternative is offered. Collection of prize in person only. Provision of prize restricted to genital masturbation – no copulation nor oral stimulation may be substituted, nor any non genital erogenous zones. Photographs of award ceremony belong exclusively to organisers in perpetuity and may be used without notice for promotional or perverted purposes. No commitment to additional provisions of gratification, be it sexual, physical, emotional, electronic, ora any other form which may or may not currently or historically exist or which may or may not be developed anywhere in the universe at any time, may be implied. Organisers reserve the right to withdraw the offer of this prize at any time without notice  and use it for themselves.]

But having a password that’s easy to remember and hard to guess is pretty pointless if someone sees you typing it in.

I was at a lecture with friends and as we waited for it to start I unlocked my phone to show a photo to one of them. It was only as I typed in the last character that I realised he was looking over my shoulder.

(This isn’t my actual password, but it is very much in the same vein.)
I hoped to fuck he hadn’t managed to follow the characters.

Then a couple of weeks later, I was arranging something with a friend as we waited to pick up our kids from school. I went to check my diary. And again, it was only as saw …

… on the screen that I realised she was looking at my phone. This was the school-mum who, in front of her husband and my Wife, had said she would never invite me for a coffee for fear of third party gossip and who, I have little doubt, would be horrified by the idea of anything fetishistic. I can only guess how she would view our kids spending time together if she thought I was being treated by a sex therapist!

I hoped to fuck she hadn’t managed to read my Wife’s and my earlier appointment on the day in question.

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