Sinful Sunday 361 : Overstating

It wasn’t my intention to overstate my strength of feeling. Hell! I’m not even sure I actually did. The post title came first and I really didn’t give it that much thought. Do I really loathe my own body hair? I guess that depends on how you interpret the word loathe. Just as art lovers may see something in Duchamp’s urinal that he may or may not have intended …

… it seems some Sunday Sinners may have felt the need to be more supportive than strictly necessary. And I am grateful to them for that. It warms my heart to be reminded there are friendly perverts out there.

Sinful Sunday

The reality is that, after posting Self loathing, and several days after I’d taken the photo, I walked past a mirror naked, on my way to bed. I really didn’t like the look of my hairy crotch.

The whole thing spurred me to book an appointment to get my pubes waxed.

Next week my Wife and I have a rare few days off from parenting and have loosely planned some time away together, most likely staying in a hotel. It’s been on the cards for months. Indeed, there had been discussion even before We fell apart and I moved into the spare bedroom.

Assuming We’ll be sleeping in the same room (though latterly even that has been questioned), the natural assumption is that my Wife would almost certainly see me naked for the first time in months. So I contemplated how much hair should go? I contemplated completely bald – a challenge to Her if you like [Ed: Or more likely just another petty act of defiance.] and there is part of me that would love to experience being entirely free … and I do mean entirely free of body hair again … but your votes suggested that whilst less is more, ⅔rds of you think sometimes even less is too much.

So my guess is for at least that 2/3rds of you, Hair Balls Loving Readers, the result will not meet with your aesthetic approval, but this is about me [Ed: Oh bless him, the fragile, narcissistic little darling.] and staring in the mirror, stroking my soft, smooth sack, I can unequivocally say this makes me feel soooooo much sexier.

46 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 361 : Overstating”

  1. As I said in your other post I totally think you should have your pubic hair how YOU want it and nothing else really matters. For me though, I will say though that a perfectly smooth ball sack is sexy as fuck but I do like a bit of tidy busy above the cock.


  2. I also like a smooth sack but a little hair above is good visually I think. I am glad that you are feeling sexier as that is what really matters and you are looking hot in this picture 🙂

  3. CimmerianSentiment Says:

    Good choice, and I agree with Molly, wear it how you want it. However I do often groom a little more than I want to please someone else, there is no harm in that if it’s for the right reasons. 😉 Sometimes going the extra mile to make someone else happy is necessary.

  4. I believe with all my heart that if you are able to make yourself happy then those around you will also be happier. So, do YOU. Having said that, it takes a rare man to even contemplate crotch waxing. I applaud you. I can’t even get my husband to trim his brows or chest hair, let alone below the waist. And he must be descended from gorillas, lol.

  5. You do you. If you feel sexy, that’s what matters!

  6. Krystal Minx Says:

    IMHO, you have made the sexiest choice for manicuring your manhood. (At least one you cannot go wrong with.) Mr Minx trims in a similar fashion and I find it irresistable, running my fingers through the the hair he leaves to compliment his rod so handsomely, and those smooth balls are so touchable that I cannot keep my hands off them. I can see why it makes you feel sexy! LOVE YOUR PIC, SUPER SEXY, THANKS FOR SHARING!

    • I wish my Wife felt the same.

    • Krystal Minx Says:

      We all do things to please our partners, but if something doesn’t make you feel sexy and confident about yourself then everything falls apart. You have to feel sexy in your own body in order to be a good lover, and if a little man-scaping does the trick for you, then that’s a very good thing. I applaud your efforts!

    • Me feeling sexy is sadly a bit of an albatross. Knowing how to facilitate my Wife feeling sexy would be more useful, but while She remains predominantly asexual …

  7. Be You! Everyone else is already taken!
    If you two are going to rebuild, make sure it’s on a completely clear and open foundation. If you feel better all waxed, either she accepts that, or it will forever be a fracture. I happen to LOVE your picture! Very nice! Even better because I know it makes You happy. 😊

  8. I always lean toward making my own preference a priority but keeping my partner’s preferences in mind once in a while. The Engineer watches a lot of porn and because of that would prefer me to have zero pubic hair; I, on the other hand, work with young people and don’t feel comfortable looking like an adolescent girl. I would prefer him to be completely natural, but he likes to shave everything off once every few months. He grows it out a bit longer than he likes for me and I shave a bit more than I’d like to for him – but neither of us does a complete 180. Do what makes you feel good about yourself, and if you feel like treating your partner to their preference once in a while, that should be your decision. 🙂

    • Sadly my partners preference isn’t a consideration, as my Wife has never expressed one. I’d be surprised if She even had one.
      I’ve consumed a lot of porn over the years and have observed the decline of porn-pubes, but I’m not keen on bald pussies – my preference is definitely for a landing strip or similar.
      I don’t hold with the adolescent girl|/em> argument. I wrote a post that tested it a couple off years ago.
      I’d love to treat my Wife to Her preference, but if ambivalence doesn’t sit in its place, She has never expressed otherwise. 😦

    • I’m so sorry to hear that about your wife… not having open communication can be an almost paralyzing struggle at times. I just meant that for me, having no pubic hair makes me feel pre-pubescent, and that makes me personally uncomfortable.

    • The argument that men like women shaved so they look like young girls is one I’ve heard and read more often than anything else on the subject, and one I believe is fundamentally flawed and rooted in mysandry. Sorry for misinterpreting your comment. As seems to be the consensus, you do you.

  9. As others have said, I believe you should go with what makes you happy. I really hope that the few days away together help to start to rebuild your relationship. Seeing things slip away is desperately sad.

  10. I would always say you must go with your own personal preference. But that is often fun to change things from time to time.
    But more important than that, is to hope for a change for the better for your relationship.
    Xxx – K

  11. It’s your body so do what feels good. I hope your time away pans out and that it’s actually fruitful.

  12. I think I may have expressed some misgivings last week, but this looks pretty sexy to me. I do hope you get some positive change in your life…

  13. Usually, one to love fur – I must admit this is a rather sexy image. I love the angle you this shot! x

  14. I love the photograph and the knowledge you’ve found this so sexy. Our own opinions are the most important. I like my man with hair. He trims buts that’s it. If he waxed I don’t think he would know where to stop!
    Enjoy yourself x
    Missy x

  15. It wonderful that it is about you. Smoith is great, hairy is great it is and should be about what works for the individual.

  16. Mmm this reminds me of my lover

    It’s such a good feeling to masturbate him with oil…
    It’s such a fluid movement from tip to tail

    Beautiful image

  17. First of all, this photo is gorgeous! The composition, the lighting, the contrast of your smooth pubic skin next to your hairy leg, it’s all perfect. Secondly, I think it’s fun to have variety when it comes to hair. I will say though, that once, I had sex with a man who had completely waxed and it was lovely. Most particularly for my mouth. The old romance novel trope of velvet or silk- covered steel was apt. That said, a cock is lovely and delicious no matter its hairstyle. Finally, I hope your weekend away proves fruitful in providing progress or resolution with your wife. xx

  18. Love the second image!

    Rebel xox

  19. And that is what is so important, whilst we all have opinions and preferences it is about what you want and feel comfortable with.

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