Sinless Sunday 362

Sin is such an arbitrary word.
As a concept it is underpinned by religious concepts of good and evil; concepts which in themselves are defined within the context of a belief I for one do not share. So for those of us that don’t, does Sin even exist?

At Sinful Sunday we revel in the Sin of sexual subversion. We enjoy not only the act of what we are doing, but also the knowledge that it would meet with disapproval.

Sinful Sunday

Yet we delineate Sinfulness for our selves.

Is it a bad thing to bind someone in a contorted position, roughly fuck them in the arse, and then vilify them as a pathetic little slut?
Or is it good?
If that’s what you do, you decide.

So what is the real Sin?
Sex … or the lack of sex?

For me, this week, the shadow of the latter is by far the darkest.
A hotel room.
A large bed.
An absence of disturbance and duty.
And a void between, that is immeasurably deep.

Be sure it’s true when you say I love you
It’s a sin to tell a lie
Millions of hearts have been broken
Just because these words were spoken

I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I’ll die
So be sure it’s true
When you say I love you
It’s a sin to tell a lie

13 Responses to “Sinless Sunday 362”

  1. Sweetgirl Says:

    A lack of connection is definitely the worst thing imaginable yet so many people drift apart. This image is so sad.

  2. I was intrigued by your initial discussion on sin, then it turned so much darker. I agree with Sweetgirl on this…

  3. kinkyandperky Says:

    I love this – turning the conceit on its head. Absence of the thing makes it more keenly felt. The CCTV-feel of the pic makes it feel we are intruding a bit too, which makes it an uncomfortable shot – which it should do x

  4. Dark but powerful post.

  5. Hotel rooms have so much baggage… it’s hard being in a space that we so often connect with pairings and have to bear being in the middle of a parting in that space. I hope you are getting to process all of this with people in your life who support you.

    • I find (or maybe used to find) hotel rooms incredbly horny places. On numerous occasions I’ve mused on why but never come up with a satisfactory answer.

      Are we in the middle of a parting? I still hope not, and there are moments when I think we’ll salvage something worthwhile. Obviously there are some when I don’t!

      Are there people who support me? IRL, not so much. But here, in the perv-o-blog-o-sphere, thankfully yes. And you can count yourself thanked for being amongst them. 😡

    • I hope it’s not a long-term parting either… I just know that for the moment, you’re working through some things, and even a temporary and small separation can cause some traumatic feelings. ❤

  6. I feel your pain. Hotel rooms are meant to be shagged in!


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