Cleaning up my cum

Usually it is me that does the bulk of the household chores: shopping, cooking, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, taking the recycling out … Not that I do so begrudgingly – my Wife spends hours each day commuting, sat in tedious meetings, writing policy, and keeps a roof very comfortably over our heads, so it’s only fair.

And it’s not like She doesn’t pull Her weight around the house. Many weekends She’ll find something I haven’t got to yet, and will do it Herself without comment or complaint. Occasionally I feel guilty that I’ve missed something, though considering all the troubles in Our marriage, it is important to note that that guilt is entirely and genuinely self imposed.

Except there is one chore I am very happy to see Her undertake.

Having slept in the spare room for around 4 months, I haveaccidentally … got through more than my share of tissues. I’d estimate a box of Kleenex lasts me around 15-17 days.

And considering tissues take up significantly more space after they’ve served their purpose than they do in the box, the bin beside my bed inevitably needs emptying regularly.

So after all the crap we’ve decided to dig up in the last few days, I confess it was with just a hint of a sanctimonious grin that I noticed my Wife had emptied the bin of its desiccated detritus – the stark reminder of my conciliatory, habitual, lonely pleasuring.

One Response to “Cleaning up my cum”

  1. I felt your grin as it krept to my face as well.

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