Sinful Sunday 363 : Envy

Penis envy (n) /ˈpiːnɪs ˈɛnvi/ – Psychoanalysis: Supposed envy of the male’s possession of a penis, postulated by Freud to account for some aspects of female behaviour (notably the castration complex) but controversial among modern theorists.

Dickless (adj) /dɪˈkləs/ – Slang : Lacking in manly fortitude or lasting power.

Sinful Sunday

Whilst Envy was a meaningful title for this photo, it was a close call between that and Crushed or Empty.

46 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 363 : Envy”

  1. I do love the image. I turned it to the side so I could really have a look at the word.

  2. I did the same and then laughed out loud when I read it. Great picture 😊

  3. I feel sad when I see the image – I’m not sure that’s what you wanted to achieve though. The image itself is amazing – I’m pretty certain it nails that rule of thirds prompt from last month too x

  4. Like Cara I found myself tipping my head to make out the word. Absolutely brilliant image!


  5. yes sad does it for me. Captures so much emotion in what is a deceptively simple image.

  6. Krystal Minx Says:

    Wow, just Wow!! Totally hot shot of you, AM :O
    I can’t take my eyes off you, and let me say (again) your manscaping is soooo inviting!

  7. Sweetgirl Says:

    I like how you’ve taken the concept and flipped it… Dickless/cuntless
    Of course it could be argued that they are two halves of a whole and that one isn’t complete without the other…. (From a procreation pov I don’t mean that piv is the only form of sex and by no means dismissing any form of sexuality)

  8. This image does make me feel sad for you. I do love how you made the viewer really engage with the picture by writing the word, I had to zoom in and turn my head to read it.

  9. Well I just think it is a wonderfully clever . . . and quite lovely . . . image.
    Xxx – K

  10. I love the play of light and shadows in this image!

    Rebel xox

  11. This is just so beautiful and sad.

  12. I didn’t see this image as sad or funny but very clever. It does engage the viewer, visually and intellectually. Are you describing certain states of men’s characters who have cunt envy or stating a point to the lack of connection. The curves made are enticing to the eye and intriguing to the mind. Perfect.
    Missy x

  13. I think this is a great image and we are forced to study it to read what you have written. A lovely photo xx

  14. Adore this and actually, it makes me hot not sad 😉

  15. Great picture AM… There is something about it I find challenging and not in a I’m not understanding it kind of way but more so in a I want to take my dickless cunt and your cuntless dick and make them both no longer -less…. again, great picture

  16. Another purpose for your penis – writing cause why not. It made me chuckle:)

  17. Oh this is so clever, whilst there is sadness in the words this image is powerful.

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