Pendulum progress perception

Confirmation bias is a well known phenomenon when talking about politics (be that politics with a small p or a large P).
The brain plays similar tricks on us when it comes to healthcare: placebos have a profound, clinically proven effect.
And the same principles apply to self perception: no one asks Does my bum look big in this? if they don’t think it does. Nor do they truly believe it if they are told No!

With this in mind I stood staring at my naked self in the mirror. Are my balls really hanging lower?
I sincerely hope they are.
And from that angle, in that light, and with that self-persuasive hope, they certainly looked to be.
Could they be?

Ever since looking through a women’s porn mag nearly 20yrs ago and seeing a guy with balls that properly hung’n’swung, I’ve hankered after a pair of hangers.

I’ve since enjoyed owning and wearing about 10 different scrotal stretchers.

Not that I was ever a diligent ball stretchee … [Ed: it could be said that AM has as much a fetish for shopping for and owning sex toys and fetishwear as He does for actually using them.] … that is, until about two months ago. Now I am sleeping alone and can wear stretchers every night without significant risk of interrogation, I am thoroughly enjoying more concerted efforts. Not least as on a couple of occasions when I have had fairly sedentary daily duties, and it’s been practicable to wear my two steel collars for up to 4 days uninterrupted.
To quote Ferris Bueller, Swiiiiing-batter-batter-batter-batter-batter-swiiiiing!!!!

In the process of writing ‘Tis an ill wind, I revisited one of the more thorough online articles on ball stretching which examines, at some length, the physiology and techniques of persuading your danglies to … well … dangle. The advice was to wear stretchers 24/7 for about 2 months in order to achieve a 15mm extension. That takes dedication.

When I bought my first steel collar 15yrs ago, I struggled to wear just one (though I acknowledge that may have been influenced by inexperience). I have worn stretchers sporadically since: a couple of hours a day for a week or so, or for as long as 5 or 6hrs now and then, but rarely for longer or more frequently. (Wearing them does encourage having a wank, and after a vigorous tug my jewels can need a rest. Hence the more frequent brevity.) The decent of my nuts has therefore been slow. Yet, a decade and a half later, I can comfortably wear two collars without any apparent time limit. And the last time I tried, before both selling my spare stretchers and my over-night efforts, I could even wear three … for a little while. So my occasional efforts must have done some good. Surely?

Because now, staring at my naked self in the mirror, I’m sure it’s not just my mind playing tricks on me. My sack is slacker. My balls really are hanging lower. I’m sure they are. And I’m going to have to have a little play with them now …

3 Responses to “Pendulum progress perception”

  1. Krystal Minx Says:

    You have opened my eyes (in more ways than one). I was under the mis-perception that one of the things men dreaded about getting older was “lower hanging fruit,” so to hear how you are actively striving for that has enlightened me in the most delightful way.
    I truly enjoy your openness and sharing.

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