Why do boys draw so many cacti on walls?
Those aren’t cacti.
Oh …
As I walked into the living room this was the script from a kids’ TV show. I wasn’t entirely sure it was age appropriate, but I figured least harm would be done if I ignored it. And I’d had it on good authority from another parent that word was already going the playground about … s … e … x …

Of course they

weren’t cacti …

… but why do boys draw them on walls. Graffiti I kind of get, as an act of rebellion. And for shock value, you can sort of see why they’d pick a dick. But surely adolescent males should be interested in other things.

Granted, you occasionally get a hastily scribbled pair of tits …

… but why no outlines of shapely feminine arses …

… and surely the ultimate image for shock value would be The C Word …

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