For no good reason, I’m back browsing OKC. It’s not serious – I’m not actively looking for someone to date … or fuck … it’s just window shopping. And spending an hour or two reading through people’s sexual preferences at 5am on a Sunday morning is an interesting alternative to looking at porn when I’m having a wank. (Ok. I admit it. As I get close to cumming I usually like to switch apps and shoot my load to some explicit porn. But that’s normal, isn’t it?)

Being part of the modern world, the potential matches in my app are carefully selected by the algorithm pixies. If someone would rather be weird than normal, prefers dogs to cats, isn’t vegan and likes to be kissed after receiving head, she is more likely to be paraded before my swiping thumb. So naturally women who actively like sex are more likely to be suggested than those who prefer organ music to orgasms.

But casting a mildly interested eye over profiles while I masturbate, I have been reminded of something really quite profound:

Even though I’ve probably been fucked less often by my Wife in the last decade than by most of my previous partners in a month, in theory at least, it shouldn’t be difficult to meet someone who likes hard-core porn and much as soft, regards themselves as kinky, masturbates several times a week, is open to buggery and undinism, and has fucked more than 20 other people. If the OKC Pixies had had anything to do with it, my Wife and I would never have met,

2 Responses to “Matches”

  1. Here I am writing about NOT indulging my sensual thoughts and I see your gif. ; ) nice

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