Dad pants

Amongst the emails that regularly land in my Inbox are, unsurprisingly, a number of sales campaigns for underwear. And amongst those, my two favorite brands are Ergowear and Manstore. The latter sent out a mailshot this week which caught my attention. Not just because their orange lace briefs are really quite cool (and in this case I think it is correct to refer to them as briefs, as opposed to manties) but also because Manstore were tying the promotion to Fathers’ Day.

Fathers’ Day?

Answer me this, Dear Reader:
Having got past your teens, you may well hope your parents have a fulfilling sex life, but which is more unsettling?
Option 1: Imagining your father in either orange lace briefs or a mesh vest (with cut-outs for his nipples).
Option 2: Imagining your father’s unbridled enthusiasm when he unwraps either the orange lace briefs or a mesh vest (with cut-outs for his nipples) that you thoughtfully bought for him on Father’s Day, after which he runs upstairs to change into his new underwear and then returns to parade in front of your mother whilst wearing them.

2 Responses to “Dad pants”

  1. Oh my goodness I did laugh a lot at this post. So very true but I may have to look into something for HisLordship 🙂

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