Sinful Sunday 372: Hidden contrast

I was genuinely surprised how well my last Sinful Submission went down. Maybe there’s something about men in lace manties that is more appealing than is normally discussed – the juxtaposition between masculinity and femininity was certainly the element that received most praise.
(I should add I was both grateful, humbled, and thoroughly approbated by the photos reception.)

That contrast got me thinking.

Sinful Sunday

I’m a big fan of not only contrast, but also the hidden. I love wearing lace manties because they are a hidden secret that subverts the norm. And latex fetishwear does something very similar.

As you’re reading this, Dear Reader, it is likely that you too have hidden secrets. Sexual secrets. Kinky secrets. A sex blog that you wouldn’t dream of telling your friends about. A penchant for easing a butt plug up your arse before leaving for work. A collection of kinky underwear you’ve never discussed with your partner.

Lace hidden by denim exemplifies an element of gender contrast.
Rubber hidden denim, I think, contrasts outer normality and inner kink.

34 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 372: Hidden contrast”

  1. Makes me also think of super heros!
    Brilliant image.
    Missy x

  2. What a gorgeous colour and the open jeans are very sexy and suggestive 😊

  3. Oooh I love this – Super sexy x

  4. Oh yes, I totally get it… I have a thing for no panties at all


  5. I kind of think the combination of denim and *any* type of underwear is hot!

  6. jerusalemmortimer Says:

    Secrets can be so sexy.

    And a beautiful contrast in styles!

    Excellent photo!

  7. Sweetgirl Says:

    I do like this image and as Jo said denim and undies in this setting is always hot

    wonderful image !!!

  8. I’ll happily put my hands up and admit I keep more than a few of my sexual predilections hidden! Now I’m wondering what rubber feels like beneath jeans…

  9. Yep love it and the colour is awesome!

  10. I like them. And am now wondering how many people go to work wearing a butt plug…

  11. Posy Churchgate Says:

    I love your teasing reveal, the colour is electric and I cant help imagining the silky drag of the latex. Yum for this image too!

  12. I love this shot. Huge fan of manties and lace, less so a fan of rubber and latex, however, this is definitely hitting the right buttons. Very, very sexy.

  13. I love the colour! I like keeping something sexy hidden away too, maybe it’s a plug, maybe it’s nothing at all 😉

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