Sinful Sunday 373: Weight a little

Sunday morning.
The sun is sneaking round the curtains.
Birdsong shouts of territory and sex.
It’s warm.
I’d vowed to go to the gym. I should do. I haven’t been for ages.
But it’s so comfortable here.
In bed.
On my own. (Ok. That’s not the good bit but the rest is. Especially…)
As I roll over in bed, my

balls swing across my thigh, their momentum enhanced by the two steel collars clamped around them.

I haven’t worn my ball stretchers for a couple of weeks. Occasionally I find my scrotum needs a rest and the pull starts to sting a little. But last night I bolted the weights around my nuts as I went to bed, and this morning, as I wake up, they feel just … so … damned … good.

And I should go to they gym.
But I’ll have to take them off. There’s just too much opportunity for injury.
I could stay in bed and enjoy the warmth.
And comfort.
And the gentle tug of gravity.

Sinful Sunday

I need to go to the gym.
And at least I can put them back on for the test of the day. Nothing strenuous today. Just a visit to a country show.
Standing all day.
Always better for wearing stretchers.
Especially commando.

But I do so want to stay in bed … as the weights tug on my balls.

[Retrospectively I realise it’s Prompt Week, and the prompt is Underneath. I could spin this as under the duvet, or perhaps euphemistically as undercarriage, or there may even be scope for a tenuous link to hang and under, but the reality is I had completely forgotten about the prompt. Hey ho.]

22 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 373: Weight a little”

  1. Gym schmym. You have weights at home! ><

  2. Posy Churchgate Says:

    Sexy – they look lovely and I can tell how you talk about them they feel lovely too. Does your ‘inner domme’ tell you to wear them?

    • Inner domme? That’s not a concept I’ve ever considered before. Interesting.
      I think with the stretchers it’s more just the semsual pleasure of the tug, the pure base pleasure of being a pervert and the desire to have balls that swing. I guess with my CB6000s there may be some degree of inner domme but I need to give that some thought.

    • Posy Churchgate Says:

      That’s really interesting, and I think I get it! I wrote a post recently about being ‘BDSM curious’ and Inner Domme was a concept I put forward in that – if you’re interested the link is here, it’s certainly something I feel exists for me.

    • Having read your post …
      D/s isn’t something I’m partcularly drawn to, which may seem surprising considering some of my sext toys and fetishes. Any inclination I have towards it is as a bedroom game, and certainly not as a lifestyle, but in that context I’d certainly regard myself as Switch. But the Inner Domme may exist – I too get waxed not for my Wife, but rather for myself. (Although that goes without saying in a celibate relationship, this was the case years before I met my Wife.) Or maybe it is for an Inner Domme? That would tie in with my enjoyment of my CB6000. I miss my now long gone nipple piercing, have long conteplated a genital piercing or tattoo, and test all my sex toys and kink-wear on my owm. But whilst I would love to share all these things, and for them to meet with not only approval but enthusiasm, I think If I do have an Inner Domme, she is predominantly a surrogate – in the context of a fulfilling sexual relationship, I don’t think she would need to exist.
      It’s an interesting thought and one I suspect I shall return to regularly now the seed is sewn.
      (I should add that the idea of being a Dom, or more specifically the S&M aspects so often associated with it, are not something that sit well with me. Whilst I could easily enjoy tying up a partner, commanding them to perform sexual acts or taking charge of their pleasure, I recoil at the idea of inflicting pain – as you suggest, why would I get joy from hurting the person whom I care for and respect? A little light spamking or nipple play (both give and receive) I could happily indulge, but I find myself profoundly uncomfortable if I let the fantasy develop further than that. (I have a partly written post in a not dissimilar vein – I may need to finish it of in the light of the above.)

    • Posy Churchgate Says:

      Thank you for elaborating, It’s an idea that wont go away for me now I have thought of it. I feel as if my interest in BDSM is only for certain aspects, and in certain ways, much as you describe. I shall investigate putting some into practice but it may prove to me that I like the fantasy better than the reality. Floss wrote a great response post to mine and in it she says her current partner did loads of BDSM things solo before they met up – its how he found out what he likes. Please let me know if you complete your post and put it on your blog … even better link back to me, I’d love to have ‘collaborated’ a bit or at least been your muse!

  3. The stretchers sound really interesting and the picture looks great 😊

  4. That’s such a fab image that I don’t think anyone will mind that you forgot it was prompt week :p

  5. You may have completely forgotten about it but somehow you managed to nail it nevertheless because there is so much ‘underneath’ going on in this image


  6. Love the cheeky glimpse style of this photo. Also, I really enjoyed reading your description of the stretchers. Obviously I couldn’t experience them, but they certainly do sound amazing!
    Aurora x

    • Thanks.
      It’s difficult to imagine what an analagous toy would be like for a woman. I don’t imagine there is a weighted equivalent, but I suspect clit pumps and, more likely, inflatable dildos migh be in a similar league.

  7. Lovely picture — impossible to go wrong with balls imo! and there’s nothing like the feel of weight in just the right places …

  8. thebarefootsub Says:

    I love ball weights, and I’m so pleased you forgot about the prompt as you may not have shared this if you had remembered it.

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