Get connected

As I walked past the pharmacy, I couldn’t help but notice the advertisement in the window. It was for the infamous blue diamond of assisted swelling. Everything is advertised these days, so I thought little of it.
That is, until later that evening.

In the UK we are increasingly used to seeing TV commercials for condoms, sex toy stores, and even medical services for the infamous 40% of men over 40 who can’t get it up, but this was the first time I’d seen a commercial for Viagra itself. Surprised, I rewound and watched it again.

Nope. I hadn’t imagined it!

And what surprised me most, though it probably shouldn’t, was that you can now get it over the counter without consulting a doctor.
I grabbed my smartphone and searched.

Now don’t go jumping to conclusions, Dear Reader – I have no problem at all getting, nor maintains a boner. [Ed: Probably more significant is that it is only AM who would care if He did. Other than for His own relentless self pleasuring, AM’s wood has been of absolutely no use whatsoever to anyone one for over 9 months!] It was just kinky curiosity.

Well, not just curiosity. Because even before I had found any online information about Viagra Connect, I was plotting an experiment.
How much would it cost to acquire a little blue diamond and what effect would it have on a healthy cock?
To find out, I had to answer some questions online first. Just general health type questions. Am I taking any other medication? Do I have any other problems with my dick? Have I been diagnosed with a heart condition. That sort of thing.
Those all answered appropriately (albeit with a lie about getting and keeping an erection), I hit submit.

Is that all?
Just £20 for four tablets. (Or £16 for a different brand of the same medication.)

Take one, 30min before sex, and that’s it. A 4hr erection.
Or for as little as £30, 36hrs of potency could be purchased with a different treatment.

Well, you know me, Dear Reader. I’m more than a little kink curious. Whilst I won’t be popping out to the chemist this week, I am definitely adding this to my Fucket List.

4 Responses to “Get connected”

  1. Without a prescription? Maybe slip one in your wife’s evening meal and see if it has an effect (look up viagra and women, I remember reading it was useful for us too).
    Or don’t, I mean, it’s probably not the most consent-ful thing to do. (Yes, I know it’s not a word. Can’t be arsed to think up a more appropriate one at the minute though!).

    • I’m not sure that would be ethical. And not that it doesn’t appeal at all, I’m just not sure that Her feeling horny would be sufficient.

    • I totally understand, both on the ethical part a d the latter one.
      I know for me, the need to feel desired and wanted overtook the fact my ex would be horny. I mean, we may have had sex, but I just shut down. What I really craved was a connection. Without it sex was pointless.

    • Absolutely.
      The paradox, of course, is that mindless sex – fucking just for the pure fun and pleasure of fucking – is best with someone you feel connected with.

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