My bad

I’m not OCD as such, but I am a stickler for detail.
A shirt has to be perfectly ironed, right down to the creases in the sleeves.
The colour of my socks has to match my underwear whenever possible.
Shoes have to shine so you

really can see your face in them.
Place-mats have to be square to the table and in line with each other.
There’s no point in washing the car if you’re not going to clean the door shuts.
When making the bed, you have to do proper hospital corners (jeez I hate fitted sheets!) and when you put freshly laundered sheets in the drawer, they have to be folded neatly and evenly and laid square in the drawer, smallest at the top, largest at the bottom.
So if you’re going to wear lingerie, it has to match. Surely? Or what’s the fucking point? Seriously!?!

I was wrong yesterday. My bad. Yesterday my Wife didn’t wear The Infamous Red whilst I wore purple latex (which matched my purple tie and purple socks). When She dressed smart, She wore the Infamous Red Bra. It’s the nicest bra She owns (aesthetically), so I guess if She’s going to dress up smart, it makes sense to dress under smart too. But why would you pick out a pair of knickers that don’t quite match? Especially when they’re sitting in the same drawer, I can assure you that the quality of the fabric of the matching knickers is far better than of the lace boy-shorts – those are relatively cheap lace and must be just a little scratchy compared to the satin of the Infamous Red.

OK. I know my Wife wasn’t wearing lingerie for my benefit – we’ve hardly seen each other in our respective smalls for 7½ months – so aesthetics aren’t a top priority, but if you’re going to wear posh underwear, can someone please explain to me why you wouldn’t pick items that actually match?

11 Responses to “My bad”

  1. Krystal Minx Says:

    I too am filled with very similar OCD “fun facts” just like you, but I also have an artistic and whimsical side, which creates an “interesting” (for lack of a better word) tug ‘o war between my head and my heart. With this in mind, you might appreciate a unique woman’s perspective.
    I am a stickler for colors that compliment each other, shades that don’t clash, fabrics that work well together, and accessories that finish perfectly. When it comes to my undergarments, a few things come into play.

    #1 I own probably five times as many panties as I own bras; therefore the likelihood of a matching set are few.
    #2 my underclothes is where my mood can be reflected regardless of what I must wear on the outside. If I am wearing conservative work attire it is a good feeling to know I am also wearing undies that reflect my mood that day of purple tie dye, lace, orange and magenta stripes, holiday Rudolph, or a whacky plaid…all of which I don’t have bras to match.
    #3 my bra/panty choices also reflect my OCD side as I choose the bra that fits best with my blouse/dress, depending on straps that may or may not be seen, and colors that may or may not show through. Likewise with panties, they are chosen based on the comfort of what I am wearing them with. They must not show through and panty lines are to be undetectable.

    As you can see my personal guidelines for each piece of lingerie makes it almost impossible for them to ever match. This also includes the factor of confidence. When I don’t have to worry about what might be showing, or digging in, or shifting in places it doesn’t belong, I wear the entire ensemble with more confidence. Per the feedback I get from Mr Minx, he tells me that my confidence is sexier than any clothing or lingerie I could ever wear.

    You see, my OCD has me over-thinking EVERYTHING, right down to my panties and bra. It’s never a simple matter of matching.

    In reference to your wife’s choice of panties, I agree the match set is very beautiful, but I also see the lace option offered a no-show panty line. This could have been the determining factor in her final choice.

    (Side note: I love to wash my own car, and if I have a choice between a “quick” wash, or doing it “right” to include all door jams & trunk/hood seams, I will wait until I can devote the extra time to do it all. I simply cannot bring no myself to do it any other way.)

    • In the circumstance, a gender specific perspective is interesting.
      !) I understand the bra to panties ratio and how that can effect the decsision.
      2) Being an undies junkie myself, catholic on the outside, slutty on the inside is my daily mantra when getting dressed (though I draw the line at novelty Xmas pantsuk).
      3) Considering the dress my Wife was wearing, She could have been wearing this combo …
      and they wouldn’t have been discenrable through it.
      Mr Minx is right – confidence is sexy (though not the sort of confidence that says
      I could correct your grammar and translate it into Latin before you could finish your own sentence.)
      And I’m with you with doing a job right. I may not clean the kithcen twice a week, but damn it – when I’ve cleaned the kitchen you could could eat your breakfast off the floor.

  2. To me, the answer can be double.
    One is the no-pantyline suggested by Minx;
    The other is the fact that the lacy ones are stretchier. If there had been any error when purchasing them, or any weight gained since, then no matter the fabric, the lacy-stretchy ones would be more comfortable.


  3. Krystal Minx Says:

    AM, I couldn’t agree more with your comment on grammar correction/Latin translation…made me giggle out loud!
    I was referring simply to the confidence that makes a woman walk taller and with purpose. A pretty bra, panties that don’t show, hair and make up done just so, with a spritz of my favorite perfume, are some of the things that help me with this.
    Also, I am glad to know another undies junkie, as I’d never met another until now. I thought I was the only one that cannot leave a clothing store without checking out the panty selection. Hhhmmm, “Undies Junkie” I like that title, and will use it from now on, when appropriate.
    Lastl, don’t get me started on the kitchen… sparkle and shine… I’ve been known to take photos 📷

    • Yeah. I know the kind of confidence you’re talking about – the sort that can make a stained potato sack sexier than a thigh high FMBs, a Latex corset and a strap-on.

      You didn’t know I was an undies junkie? (Perhaps you haven’t been reading my blog as long as I thought. You should read Imelda who?). It’s just as well underwear isn’t a thing for men or you’d never get me out of Victor’s Secrets and Agent Penetrator. Maybe I should take a photo of my collection.

      And I’ll see your clean kitchen photos and raise you 7hrs cleaning the kitchen that still left things to do. (I like to think I used to put the same degree of effort and attention to detail into cunnilingus, but that’s so long ago now that maybe my memory is inacurate.)

    • Krystal Minx Says:

      Funny that you used the potato sack in your analogy, as Mr Minx uses it all the time.

      I would love to see a photo of your collection. (and I will be sure to go back and read “Imelda Who?”)

      Wow, 7 hours?!! I think you got me on that one. You must have one enormous kitchen! I’ve probably only had to put that kind of time in when rearranging the pantry and organizing cabinets was involved, or disassembling all the appliances for cleaning inside and out.

      A man that puts that much effort and attention into cunnilingus, it’s a shame you don’t get to do it as often as you like. (I’m assuming you enjoy it very much.) You deserve to have it as often as your heart desires, and I hope the future finds a way to bring that to you.

      Btw- you sound more and more like Mr Minx with every new detail I learn about you.

    • 7hrs was emptying out of everywhere.
      Yes, I used to love going down – probably more than fucking – but I’ve not had my tongue in a cunt in over 15yrs. Apparently I was good at it too. Hey ho…

    • Krystal Minx Says:

      F.I.F.T.E.E.N. years??!!!!!! That just isn’t right. Such wasted talent, not to mention, your deprived desires. It simply shouldn’t be.
      Here’s hoping there’s an end in sight to your unwanted dry spell.

    • I’m coming to realise that’s it. Finito. It is a Norwegian Blue Sexlife.

    • Krystal Minx Says:


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