A funny thing happened away from the forum

Around a month ago, I resolved to take a break from the online world. I logged out of all of my social media accounts (narcissistically informing all my followers/friends/stalkers/trolls about my impending absence) and signing off on blogging (in a similarly narcissistic manner).

A week or two prior to that I’d also stopped wanking.
Ok, I confess, as shocking as that revelation might be to you, Loyal Reader, it’s not strictly accurate.

Amidst the sharing of domestic duties in our house, it has not infrequently fallen to my Wife to empty the (non-kitchen) bins. In my room, those have almost exclusively been filled with tissues. Cum encrusted tissues. And in my absence from Her bed, I’ve been more than happy for Her to acquaint Herself with that reality. But a week or two prior to my internet sabbatical, I put a fresh box of tissues in my room, next to the bed (and the bin) and deliberately left it unopened. It was loosely intended as a statement. One that loosely says I’m giving up on masturbation. More than a month later … oddly … despite my Wife engaging in Her usual share of the housework, the bin in my bedroom has remained un-emptied.
And there isn’t a single cum encrusted tissue in it.
Have I stopped wanking for nothing?

Ah yes, Dear Reader, I said it wasn’t entirely accurate, didn’t I?
It’s not.
Whilst I had been having a joyful tug at least once a day – invariably in bed, either last thing at night or first thing in the morning – in a bid to keep the box of tissues sealed, it is true that I’ve not ejaculated once in bed since. But being a homeworker of sorts, thus being alone the house 5 days a week, it is probably inevitable that I’ve unloaded my balls during the day, whilst sat at the kitchen table with my mid morning cup of tea … and reclining on my Wife’s bed … and sat in Her study … but not once in my bed. (Yes, Perceptive Reader, there has been more than a modicum of rebellion in some of those wanks, but that’s not part of this story.)

Other than the location of my petite morts, possibly the most significant distinction is the regularity.
It has decreased almost immeasurably.
As has my viewing of porn. (Obviously wanking and porn have frequently gone hand in hand … or more accurately hand in pants, but not exclusively – you’ve got to do something whilst waiting for the kettle!)

Can I draw a conclusion from any this?
Perhaps I could draw several, but most come back to one thing – a viscous/virtuous circle of

There is of course, one other conclusion that can be drawn. But one for which an additional piece of information is required: the past month has seen my moral drop. And now, prehaps, the need to publish a recent post might seem just a little more significant? Maybe I was wrong.

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