Gym jocks

As I looked around the gym changing room (and admit it, Dear Reader, you also have a tendency to take more than the occasional voyeuristic peek at the hot, sweaty gym bunnies as they strut naked from their locker to the shower) something caught my eye.

No, Hopeful Reader, it wasn’t a 12″ cock, swinging like a pendulum as it was released from supportive Lycra.  No. The thing that stood out was something apparently even more rare than and 12″ cock. (And I don’t know whether it was Lycra.)

At the gym, there are uniforms. Unspoken dress codes:
For men, clothing is typically either vest tops and soccer shorts or baggy t-shirts and equally baggy tracksuit trousers.
For women, it’s supportive crop-tops and skin tight Lycra leggings, or equally body conscious baggies.
But the uniform doesn’t stop at outerwear. Knowing you to be as lascivious as me, Dear Reader, I have little doubt that you too have considered what us worn underneath.

For the female gym bunnies, the near universal choice seems to be thongs or g-strings. I say seems to be because, as diligent as my examination have been of both pert and padded posteriors as they pound away the pounds on treadmills, it is rare to see the tell tale VPLs of Bridget Jones proportioned not-getting-laid-tonight pantsuk. Even my Wife, for whom near exclusively perfunctory underwear has become the order of the day, invariably exercises in a thong … albeit a tatty, greying thong that Ms Jones would be just as mortified to have removed by Messrs Cleaver and Darcy.
For the male gym jocks, the smalls convention is very much for trunks, following the supportive paradigm of the sports bra, because we all know exercise bounce can get very uncomfortable.

But trunks aren’t the only option for men. And as I looked around the gym changing room something caught my eye. It was a jock strap. (And no, Hopeful Reader, it wasn’t being flung at me like a strippers g-string in an attempt to solicit my attention and/or cash.)

Contrary to what you might think if you regularly peruse online men’s underwear emporia, you don’t see many jockstraps at the gym. [Ed: Is it possible AM just isn’t going to the right sort of gyms?]

As I surreptitiously regarded the jockstrap in question, a second thing struck me. (No, Incorrigible Reader! Just stop it! OK!?) I have no idea why jockstraps exist.

Obviously their primary purpose is to provide support to your cock and balls whilst physically exerting yourself. But why do you need to have your arse free from fabric? Sure, if you want to give a fellow gym jocks unfettered access to your arsehole while you do your squat thrusts, I can see an advantage to the design, but otherwise, do briefs not provide that same support? (And I’ll be damned if I can find an answer to this.) And if it’s just a perspiration issue, why not follow women’s example and ditch two straps in favour of one?

Really? What is the point of a jockstrap?


7 Responses to “Gym jocks”

  1. jcisme123 Says:

    I personally find jockstraps very sexy

    • Sure, I get that they can be sexy and I’m sure I would feel sexy wearing one [Note to self – really should add one to the shopping list] but as a practical item of sportswear, they do seem a little unnecessary.

  2. One practical need for a jock sometime is with running shorts with the built-in liner. Almost always the liner is enough that I don’t need to wear underwear. Over time and many washes the liner stretches and sags and no longer provides any kind of support, so a jock help. Also good with running shorts that have a leg liner – they provide no support at all.

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