James addiction

A few weeks ago a track from 1993 was played on the radio that I hadn’t heard before. I knew the singer well from the late 80s, and I was surprised that, not only had the song never crossed my radar, but also the artistic collaboration behind it.

In the wake of Trans Vision Vamp’s demise, lead vocalist Wendy James had teamed up with Elvis Costello for her debut solo album. It would be difficult to argue that Trans Vision Vamp were ever cultural heavyweights (even with their punk sensibilities), very much in contrast to Elvis Costello, so the James / Costello team-up merited investigation.

Back in 1988 of course, just as many teenage boys, I had a major crush on Wendy James, their vocalist, and I dare say I tugged on my virgin cock on more than one occasion whilst fantasizing about her. I have three persistent memories of Wendy James in those years.

The video for Baby I don’t care in which she sported purple opera gloves.

With hindsight, was this a significant influence on my fetish? Did it fuel something that had already germinated? Considering my fledgling BDSM fantasy of around a decade earlier, wherever that came from, it may have been inevitable that this image would appeal to me.

Then there was one of the first concerts I ever went to, and I have a distinct memory of a T-shirt featuring the slogan Beat me, Whip me, Bite me, Fuck me. Well, that was always going to leave a mark on a teenager who still only dreamed of copping a feel.

And a photograph which I think may have featured in Sky magazine in the early 90s.

If nothing else, she never failed to revel in her allure. So I’m pleased to see that with publicity material for her more recent album, The price of the ticket, Wendy James is still not hiding her light under a bushel!

And having worked with Elvis Costello, she has gone on to work with former members of the Sex Pistols, The Bad Seeds and Iggy and the Stooges.

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