Negative growth

[The fourth and final post written on holiday, while I was still feeling normally horny, and before I slid into the grips of only feeling sexually frustrated.]

It’s years since I last shaved my pubes. Literally years. And I really can’t remember the last time I had no pubes whatsoever. Yet whilst going completely bald apparently failed to provoke any reaction from my Wife while on holiday, as I found myself dealing with the stubble above my cock one post-beach-afternoon-shower, I looked in the mirror and I thought,

You know what, AM, you old pervert? I think your rocking that look today.

Cogs meshed and started to turn in my mind.

The last few times I’ve been waxed, the beautician [Ed: That’s a joke, isn’t it? “Beautician.” Money couldn’t buy enough beautification to make AM’s arse and junk even remotely “beautiful”!] has had to try a couple of different things to deal with a small problem.
No, Disolute Reader! I didn’t get a hard-on whist she ripped the hairs out of my ball sack!
[Ed: You’ll note, Disrespected Reader, that AM isn’t denying that would be a small problem.]
Apropos of nothing much, I’ve recently been asking for the whole of my bum cheeks to get waxed as well as just my crack. It’s felt great for a few days, but has then felt stubbley and itchy for a week or more, as if shaved. Not good.

Not only has this irked me, it has also puzzled the beautician, and she has wanted to try a couple of different techniques and/or waxes befor I abandoned the idea.

Last time, I think she cracked it (if you’ll pardon the pun). There was a little pricklyness about 3 or 4 weeks later, but sufficiently less that I am hopeful it has largely been an issue of just being persistent and weakening the hair roots.

So at finding I quite like Hollywood, and not wanting to deal with stubble itch, my resolve was set.

At my next appointment, when she asks The usual? My answer will be No. Everything front and back please.

I think I could grow to like being bald, at least for a while and, were it not for the cost, I’d happily get a full body wax right now.

[It probably goes without saying that, considering my disposition towards sex since I wrote this post, I really don’t care right now. But having shaved, it will doubtless be a couple of months before I have enough pubes to merit waxing, so my resolve may yet return.]

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