Sinful Sunday 390 – Not seeing red

When my attention was first piqued by the erotic potential of rubber clothing, back in the late 80s / early 90s, the only fetishwear you could get hold of easily was black [Ed: Easily!? That’s a fucking joke! Sex shops were immeasurably different places three decades ago and buying latex underwear was strictly the province of only the most diligent perverts!] … or sometimes red, or perhaps that slightly sickly, translucent, yellowish hue of natural latex.

Sinful Sunday

Kinky couture has come a long way since then. Most sex shops will stock some basic rubber these days, there’s no shortage of models, chanteuses and actresses who will happily turn up to an award ceremony in a LB(r)D, and you’d be pushed to think of a colour you can’t find rubber in.

Whilst my first latex was indeed a

pair of black briefs, which were followed by red cycling shorts, these colours have long seemed unimaginative, boring, or just plain unappealing to me. [Ed: Don’t get Him started on purple rubber, Dear Reader, or we’ll never heard the end of it!]

So when my Sinful Sunday 389 photo was met with approval, as much for the colour as for the material, I really felt I had to dig out something different.
Different coloured, that is.
And I might as well do it chronologically.
I’ll miss out the black briefs. They have both nostalgic and evolutionary value, but really are quite boring.
And you’ve seen the purple thong not just once, but twice. (Ok, you’ve not seen the back, but you have seen me in a G-string so repetition would seem gratuitous.)
Next on my list of second skin acquisitions was my custom made white shirt.

[Side note: All the rubber I had purchased prior to this was off-the-peg. With the exception of gloves (more of that in a later post) everything since has been made to my own design.)

When I visited the fetish store who made this shirt for me, those they had in stock were stunning. And some 20yrs on, I still have a vivid memory of trying on a rubber top for the first time, in a small curtained cubicle, the sun streaming in through the first floor, industrial, Victorian windows, with the gothess shop assistant advising me on the application of talc and choosing a snug fit.

Wriggling into the latex shirt was an epiphany. The tightness. The smell. The unparalleled smoothness. The ritual. My three previous purchases were instantly far less significant.

As great as the shirt was, having a creative bent, I could see ways to improve it, and requested a bespoke version.
For one thing, the off-the-peg shirts were just t-shirts. Despite my inexperience, I knew they would be easier to put on with a full length zip.
Secondly, I felt the standard collar needed to be an inch higher.
And the sleeves were also too short.
Not huge changes … but the devil is in the detail.

31 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 390 – Not seeing red”

  1. Krystal Minx Says:

    You should be a model for latex garments…You look fantastic!

  2. Wow – what an interesting edit. It oozes headless horseman to me – you are missing a crop 😉

  3. You look gorgeous in that shirt!

    Rebel xox

  4. That’s some image, nice work.

  5. I think there’s something equally masculine and vulnerable about a man in latex, a perfect combination…

  6. It certainly suits you sir!

  7. I love this image and the back story. The shirt looks wonderful on you xx

  8. That shirts looks fab on you 🙂 Great image x

  9. It looks like it fits to perfection. I am looking forward to seeing more from your collection


  10. I don’t even have a thing for rubber but this makes me want to touch you (with permission) and feel just why you’re into it!

  11. Posy Churchgate Says:

    You look as though you feel that shirt ’empowers’ you – which is what I always get when wearing anything tight and restrictive! I think those changes you made from standard to custom were ideal. The zip detail is a pretty sexy addition.

  12. Looks wonderful and now you’ve got me thinking about what latex would feel (and look like) on… love the zip too…

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