Bad ideas – 2 : Underhanded underwear

Here’s another one of my not-so-genius ideas … also known as If you can’t get honey from the bee, kick the beehive.

You know of my borderline addiction to buying underwear, Loyal Reader, (I’ve just ordered 3 more pairs for no other reason than I like the colours and they seem to be selling out!) my collection of thongs and g-strings, and presumably you’ve seen my most see-through smalls ever. Well, based on Her surprising silence, that puts you one up on my Wife.

The latter pantsuk were intended as a replacement for another now-retired-but-fondly-missed outrageous pair of black mesh and green trunks …

… but they have never been worn regularly.

And despite my previous attempt to provoke, my Wife has never acknowledged the dozen or so thongs … let alone the purple latex thong to which I struggle to believe She is oblivious.

So how about I make it impossible for Her to ignore?

As primarily a house husband, it is invariably me that does the household laundry for all the family.
Now that We sleep in different rooms, it is usual that my Wife’s and my laundry is done separately.
In order to keep track of any non-public underwear that may need washing, I tend to place any thongs / g-strings / fragile pantsuk (such as my lace manties or see-through trunks) in the sort of mesh laundry bag so familiar to any wearer of delicate lingerie.
Being a full time parent, with various after-school-taxi-service duties, it is not unheard of for a wash to be incomplete when I have to leave the house in the evening. On such occasions, it is not uncommon for my Wife to get home before I do, and to hang the laundry out to dry.

Now imagine a scenario where I have a couple of thongs and a pair of barely-black boxers to launder.
Imagine I run out of time and have to switch to Dad-Taxi mode, forgetting what is in the washing machine.
Then imagine that my Wife gets home from work whilst I am out, and unloads the laundry, hanging it out to dry.

It’s a bad idea? Right, Wise Reader? Infinitely more flawed than Bad Idea #1.

But what if …?

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