DLS 20: Bad dad

There are some risks one shouldn’t take.
The sort of risks where one potentially puts others in jeopardy without their consent.
Not least in terms of their future.
So I probably shouldn’t have done it.
It’s not that I was actually putting anyone else directly at risk.
But …

My Wife is away on business again. Unusually for the second time in just a couple of weeks.
The date happens to coincide with Parent’s Evening at school.
We have both spoken to the teachers about vaguely related subjects recently and this merely represented the respective staff ticking the official boxes and Us signing the form to say we’d seen the boxes had been ticked.
It was all just going to be a bit tedious, going over the same things again.
So my Wife was happy for me to go along on my own.
Which I did.

… but I probably shouldn’t have gone into school wearing my purple rubber chap shorts …

… and my white latex shirt. Even if the chaps were well hidden under jeans, and the shirt was shielded from view by a high necked sweater.

In some ways not that great a risk.
But no one wants their kids to grow up constantly waiting for a taunt to be hurled across the playground – Hey! Isn’t your dad the pervert with a rubber fetish?

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