There’s a new kid in school

Standing at the dais, the deputy headmaster looked just a little more pissed off than usual. “It seems we have a new boy in school,” he said in a disapproving tone. “By the name of Melvin.”
The entire school knew exactly what he was talking about, Many found it hard not to snigger, whilst others must surely have winced at the memory of genital and anal torture.

Somewhat in slight contrast to what Wikipedia would have you believe, at our school, the term Melvin was universally used instead of wedgie – any act of forcibly pulling a person’s underwear upwards […] as a school prank or a form of bullying. I distinctly remember one junior boy having his pantsuk being ripped apart and coming to rest under his arm pits, whilst another was hung by his briefs from coat hooks in the corridor. (I have no recollection of how he got down!)

35yrs later, I padlocked my cock and balls into my CB6000s chastity cage.
Just for fun.
For practical reasons, I slipped on my K-mando pouch.

The practical reason being that wearing jeans and pretty much any of my CBT toys without underwear invariably involves a degree of scrotal chafing.
Very definitely not fun.

Buckling up my jeans, something struck me as odd. With the exception of a couple of days[1] [2], for around a fortnight I’d been exclusively working my way through my collection of thongs and g-strings – a regular-briefs-free pilgrimage, if you like – and now without a strip of fabric pulled up against my arsehole, it felt decidedly odd. Thankfully a simple solution was at hand in the firm of my MANstore Tarzan String

Cock and balls locked up.
Ball sack protected.
Buttocks bisected.

A few days later, and almost all of my thong collection was due to be laundered.

(Having contemplated accidentally leaving out something for my Wife to see, I wondered if She’d notice if there were none of my underpants at all in a load of laundry.)

I reached for my black MANstore Lasso thong. One of the smoothest, most sheer items of underwear I’ve owned. And certainly on of the most … well … delightfully slutish.

As I pulled the string between my cheeks and slipped the lasso over my balls, my mind was transported back 35 years. Unlike many of my peers, somehow I escaped being Melvinned at school. I wondered now, the intended humiliation notwithstanding, would I have secretly enjoyed the ordeal? Considering the earliest sexual fantasy I can remember from a few years earlier, it seemed not unlikely.

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