Sinful Sunday 395 – Self sacrifice

In the world of sex blogging, I guess transmogrification is most common to be regarded as a positive thing – narratives of butterfly like metamorphosis when embracing a kink, or being sexually reborn when engaging with a particular partner.

Sinful Sunday

Various dictionary definitions speak of transmogrification in terms of magic and humour, but some also speak of grotesque transformations and the evil eye.

This blog started, over 800 posts ago, with

a genuine optimism for fixing a broken marriage. Breathing new life into something that was flagging. Yet the change that has come about in the intervening years has not been one that can easily be regarded as positive. Increasingly I find myself contemplating auto-reprogramming myself in order to abandon aspects of Me in favour of a future in which I have invested (and divested) heavily.

Not least amongst the potentially necessary sacrifices …

33 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 395 – Self sacrifice”

  1. The image is intriguing, but your words struck me more as they speak of sadness and pain…

    Rebel xox

  2. Strange, yet amazing image – and your words are very telling

  3. The image paired with your words make for a very poignant post x

  4. I see hints of a long journey ahead. Potentially. Possibly? I’m glad you’re here sharing it.

  5. I’m sorry this journey is so painful and long. The image is a powerful one, as are your words xx

  6. Posy Churchgate Says:

    There is a poignancy to your words and a cunning wit to your photo edit, you have everyone’s support if you take the journey you seem to be hinting at. There is a display of inner strength that you will be able to fuel yourself with.

  7. I hope you don’t have to abandon parts of you.

  8. This definitely speaks to your feelings about your marriage and lack of sex…. but on an unrelated note I can’t ever see a man tucked like this and not think of Silence of the Lambs. Whenever Michael does it to freak me out I always cover my eyes and shriek at him because it gives me the creeps. Seeing it here on your blog made me grin though as it has become a silly joke between us and your picture reminds me of that


  9. You deserve happiness too.

  10. Wish you the best, as they say, if it’s easy it’s not worth doing.

  11. I hope that you don’t have to abandon parts of yourself as you seem to be hinting. I have tried to live a half-life and it was hard but I wish you all the best whatever you decide 🙂

    • Maybe abandon is too harsh a word. Perhaps I should be thinking of it in terms of partitioning.
      I don’t currently think of it as a half life, just necessary sacrifice. Maybe I’ll be proved right or wrong or both or neither.

    • I may have misread and seen things which were not there. I think all too easily we can relate to what is written but see too much of our own situation and apply that so perhaps that is what I did when commenting 😊

    • No, I think you read what was said. I’m just maybe refining how it’s said and reigning in my hyperbole.

  12. My partner often does this to make me giggle but I know this post is full of sadness I hope there will be positives in your way forwards.

  13. I truly hope you never have to abandon any aspects of yourself and I hope your blog offers you a place to stay connected with those areas of who you are. This is a lovely, symbolic image for the prompt.
    Aurora x

    • To quote a 1970s’ toffee commercial … a man’s gotta chew what a nan’s gotta chew.
      The blogosphere probably does help me stay connected to Me, though no less that it prevents me letting go.

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