Sinful Sunday 400 – What do you want?

A text message from a family member asked about Xmas arrangements and for gift suggestions. A familiar question at this time of year.

My knee-jerk answer was a happy functional family, but I bit my tongue.

Sinful Sunday

My second though was equally unbroadcastable before the watershed:

In years gone by, after I’d fucked my Wife to orgasm, or at least to the point where She wanted me to stop pounding Her into the mattress, if I hadn’t cum, She would finish me off with a handjob. I wouldn’t want to seem ungrateful, but whilst Her technique was not proficient, there was something about the process that was routine – it would feel as if Her goal was to make me fun rather than to give pleasure. The destination rather than the journey.

Perhaps She was aware there was something lacking. Perhaps She realised I wanted something more. Perhaps the little moans and hip bucks when Her fingers fleeted behind my balls were sufficient to tell Her I wanted Her to play with my arsehole. Perhaps She just felt the need for permission. And perhaps that was why She would sometimes ask What do you want?

She never got the answer I wanted.

Because when She has always been uncomfortable with the lights on, with lingerie, with being masturbated, with cunnilingus, with any position that wasn’t face to face (and referably face to shoulder) …

… when She was uncomfortable with all that, how can I possibly expect Her to be comfortable with what I might actually want?

This post is, at least in part, dedicated to Molly, who, a couple of weeks ago, was bemoaning the lack if appreciation of the effort that goes into taking porno-selfies. Rest assured, there are some of us that know all to well how hard it is to stage some shots.

10 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 400 – What do you want?”

  1. I’m sorry that you can’t ask for what you desire…

    Love your image and would like to know how you have pulled this off all by yourself…

    Rebel xox

    • Having not significantly shared a bed with my Wige (or anyone ekse) for over a year, no one would hear now anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‚
      How did I pull this off? Many years ago I spent 3 heady months dating a Mossad escapology instructor. It was an educating experience. (Though with hindsight, it is possible she was just a fantasist with a fetish for eye wateringly thick trunteons and electro-sex.)
      Either that or it’s down to my incredibly flexible shoulders. (Though that is considerably less likely.)

  2. Great shot and viewpoint. Very well done and I hope things can improve for you, you deserve it x

  3. Very clever and very well . . . arranged !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Oh yes, this one would have taken quite some dedication to get…. and I love it

    As for your wife, maybe you should just tell her. She might surprise you and what do you have to lose really?


  5. Itโ€™s so hard asking for something when you donโ€™t think the answer is what you want to hear. Maybe she just needs permission.

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