Some things you can’t ignore

Tis the season to be waylaid by relentless marketing. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Xmas discounts. Boxing Day bonanzas. And we won’t have to wait long for the January sales. It’s all a little trying and brings out my inner Marxist.

The email account I reserve for pervy things is currently awash with ads for discounted dildos, hand cuffs, rubber costumes, and of course, all my favourite underwear outlets. Nearly all of which I can righteously say I’ve trashed without even reading. That said, my thumb being larger than your average email app button, I fortuitously tapped on an email-shot from a brand I’ve never actually bought before: Pikante (the first underwear brand’s logo I was aware of featuring a cock. The second being the updated Ergowear logo.)

Idly I scrolled through the images until …


They’re really quite outrageous, what with the string sides, mesh fabric, and a shade of pink that would leave halos on your retinas long after you’d wanked yourself cross-eyed. They are quite similar to a pair from Malebasics I missed out on nearly 5yrs ago and about which I have kicked myself ever since.

And at a sale price of just £4.99, how could I possibly resist? If nothing else, I am a cheap slut with a fetish for cheap undies.

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