Sinful Sunday 401 – Keep on giving

As we slide inexhorably towards the end of the year, those of us of a Xmas persuasion are doubtless thinking if gifts. And as a concept, we’re all familiar with the phrase the gift that keeps on giving., even if we’ve not actually received one.

Sinful Sunday

And you’re doubtless familiar, Dear Reader, with my near obsessive purchasing of pantsuk, especially

Ergowear‘s fantastically flattering range of pouch underwear. .

Now if you’ve ever ventured near the Sex section of OKC’s profile questionnaire, you will likely be acquainted with the question Do you own sexy underwear?

To my mind, it’s not as simple as a yes/no answer: I’m reasonably certain that my Wife would not find my purple latex chap-shorts sexy, whilst I (and you, Dear Fetishist) do. What I think is sexy is not necessarily what others regard as sexy. So my answer to the above is Yes, with the caveat I think so, but others may disagree. After all, I’m sure there’s no shortage of women who would say men who wear smalls that enhance their silhouette are over compensating [Ed: Considering AM’s decidedly average length, and his endeavours for more perilous bollocks, they may well be right.] and anything but sexy!

But I don’t care.

Because for me, A keystone of sexy underwear is how it makes me feel. (Especually in the absence of any enthusiasm from my Wife. Ever.)

And these trunks not only makes me feel sexy, they also makes me smile.

It doesn’t even matter if I’m not wearing them. They even make me smile when they’re freshly laundered and hanging out to dry.

You see, they’re the pantsuk that keep on giving.

15 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 401 – Keep on giving”

  1. I agree… sexy underwear is very subjective….and it’s all about how it makes you the wearer feel. If you don’t feel sexy in it – it ain’t right!

    • You’re right – it aint!
      Interestingly, I think in many ways men aren’t encouraged to feel sexy. There is an expectation to be sexy thanks to the like of George Clooney and Idris Elba, but a man who feels sexy is either predatory or not masculine.
      When it comes to sexy men’s underwear, whilst I know a lot of women find boxers or briefs sexy (as long as they’re filled with David Beckham), the emergence of designs that could make men feel sexy has to be credited to the rise of gay culture.
      [Ed: And there’s a post in itself.]

    • Lol MrH has some trunks from lovehoney that I love on him and I think he feels good in them too….

  2. How you feel is very important and anything that makes you feel good, in any way, is valuable.

  3. Do we get to see them on?


  4. Very sexy on I must say!

  5. Very sexy on and off!

  6. tabitharayne Says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I have a pair of terrible tracksuit bottoms and everyone says they’re the worst, but for some reason I feel super hot in them! X x x love this pic

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