Back(less) in black

  • Life is full of disappointments.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining.

There are invariably different ways to describe life’s little downs.

When my outrageous pink string sided mesh trunks arrived in the post, I was thrilled … and instantly disappointed when they were just two damned small. My sporting choices over the last 40yrs, and doubtless some genetic history, have meant I don’t have particularly skinny thighs, and I couldn’t even get the underwear on. #sadface

It was evident when I ordered that they were end-of-line, so on contacting the retailer I wasn’t surprised to learn it wasn’t possible to exchange for a larger size. #verysadface
I was offered an exchange with a different Pikante style.
I browsed.

The last time I owned a jockstrap I was at school. It was part of the kit list for cricket, though I never wore it for it’s intended purpose.

With hindsight it was my first kinky underwear as I loved how it bared my arse, supported my teenage junk … and it featured a convenient pocket into which my hand readily found its way, rather than the protective box / cup for which it was intended.

Having mused on the pointlessness of jockstraps recently, here was an opportunity. And one I couldn’t pass up, especially when I spotted a zip fronted jockstrap!

Whilst the only purpose I can think of for a jockstrap, especially as day-to-day underwear, is gratuitously displaying your arse with a view to getting buggered, the addition of a zip in the pouch really doesn’t leave any doubt about the fuckery for which they are intended. #biggrin

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