Sinfull Sunday 402 – Jingle balls

Originally this post was going to be titled Well Hung. Not because I am – I’m not – it just seemed entirely apt. But as I walked to the shops, I could hear a gentle jangling from inside my trousers.

The first time I wore a steel collar ball stretcher was nearly a disaster. Walking home from the shops, I felt my nuts straining to escape the device, and its unyielding grip. That old kick in the balls sensation unwillingly remembered from the school playground. Whether it was down to inexperience fitting the collar, or just that my scrotum was too tight at the time, I shall never know. But I’d worn my various other stretchers on and off for long enough to know that it didn’t have to be this way. And there was something about the steel, or the process of bolting half a pound of metal around my scrotum that meant I loved this toy immediately.

Sinful Sunday

A year or fifteen later, most of my stretchers have long been sold. Most, but not all. As, a few months back, I invested in a third Wedding Ring. Which means it’s time for me to reprise Sinful Sunday 317 : Frames.

35 Responses to “Sinfull Sunday 402 – Jingle balls”

  1. Krystal Minx Says:

    Awesome photo…other than that, I am left speechless.
    Merry Xmas to you ❤

  2. Impressive, that is one thing I do not have.

  3. I am with Krystal on this, the image is stunning and mesmerising. I find myself utterly captivated by it as my eyes wander around looking at the reflections and the symmetry of it all and yes, you have a fine arse


  4. As Krystal and Molly have said, this is a mesmerising and beautiful image. I am slightly in awe of the whole thing.

  5. The Happy Kinky Couple Says:

    Now THIS looks like fun!!!

  6. I’m drawn to the symmetry in this shot and the way the image is repeated in the shiny rings!

    • Y’know I never considered the reflections. If I had, I would probably have photoshopped out the camera tripod.🤣

    • I don’t think the tripod detracts from the image at all!

    • In one sense I think your right – it’s an interesting shape and tells a story of its own, albeit a story of solitude I dislike intensely.
      In another sense, that same story tells a story that shatters the 4th wall, ironically separating the viewer from the moment – you didn’t take the photo, you weren’t there, it wasn’t for you – and in doing so it distances the viewer and the subject.

  7. victoriablisseuk Says:

    Fabulous! A stunning photo, I love how your eye is drawn to the shiny stretchers and then you’re like ‘oooh, but look at that butt’. It’s great. 🙂

  8. Posy Churchgate Says:

    I cant say it better than KrystalMinx did – mesmerised and in awe, cos I cant quite imagine the discomfort being pleasant, but I applaud the pleasure you get from your kink.

    • It’s not uncomfortable, or at least when it is it’s not pleasurable. If I wear only two I can forget I’ve got them on most of the time. Wearing a third can get uncomfortable, but not in a kick-in-the-balks way, rather than a sting from stretched skin. And of course you’re right – I very much enjoy that it’s kinky. 😎

  9. This is a fabulous image – it makes me squirm a little but fascinates me more and the composition is just fab – very nicely done 😉

  10. This is a brilliant image in terms of its composition. The symmetry of your body, the reflections, the contrast of your skin and the metal. The fact that the content is something so intriguing just adds to the image for me. 😊

  11. Brilliant photo!
    Simply wonderful. I want one on my tree!
    Xxx – K

  12. Wonderfully framed! In all regards 😉

  13. I totally agree with many before me that this is a wonderful and mesmerizing image!

    Rebel xox

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