Baking as a metaphore for life

Is it normal to rehearse conversations? I don’t know, but I do it a lot. Frequently they’re conversations that will never happen, or have already happened. I guess it’s just a way to process my thoughts.

Having cancelled my appointments with a therapist, I have contemplated finding another counsellor; specifically a kink-aware therapist. (Maybe more of that in another post.)
As I sloughed in the shower, I found myself rehearsing a conversation with a therapist about my fetish for gloves … and latex.
What is it about rubberwear and gloves that I find erotic?
I suspect my Wife would regard it as objectification. Dehumanising the wearer. By adorning the person, the focus on inner person is reduced and their importance is diminished.

I don’t buy into this.

My Wife has frequently accused me of only focussing on negatives, to the point of obviating any positives, especially in relation to Our marriage. She brought this up again in a recent fight.
The way I look at it, I don’t need to focus my attention on the good stuff – it’s there, and it’s good – but the bad stuff needs fixing. I suggested that a marriage is like baking a cake with rancid butter and rotten eggs – it doesn’t matter how good the flour and sugar are, the whole cake is inedible.

Again I found myself resorting to a baking metaphor.
Wrapping a cake in fondant, icing it with frills, and adorning it with cherries, does not change the nature of the cake, your disposition towards its flavour, or indeed your inclination to eat it.

3 Responses to “Baking as a metaphore for life”

  1. GREAT analogy!!! And Beautiful cake! 😈

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