DLS 21: All the best freaks are here

As a closet fetishist one has to seize opportunities when they present themselves. Whilst it is easy to wear rubberwear under day clothes, latex has a distinct scent that becomes more easily detected as it warms with body heat. For some that is a bonus – indeed for me it is a delightful reminder of hidden deviance – but it does increase the chances of your dirty little secret being sniffed out. So when it became clear how today was going to pan out … well …

  • I had arranged to meet an old friend for Friday evening at an up market drinking club.
  • After doing parental taxi runs for various sports training, I would meet my Wife on Her way home from work, and hand over the car in the station car park.
  • She would complete the evening duties while I would got on the next train into The Big Smoke.
  • By the time I got home, She would almost certainly have been in bed for a couple of hours, and I could retreat to my room in peace.
  • Passing each other only fleetingly at breakfast and in a car park, it seemed rude to pass on an opportunity to wear rubber.

A long time ago, in the wake of Don’t blame me, I designed and commissioned a latex outfit. Something simple, and yet distinctly kinky. An outfit I have meant to write a post (or 3) about ever since. It consists of a matching set of stockings, opera gloves and zip-split briefs.

(And because I already had the maquette from a previous design, it was only logical to design a complementary outfit for my Wife. If only to fuel frustrated fantasy.)

A long story should follow another time, but suffice to say I have spent the day with the pants uk and the stockings hidden beneath my jeans.

Heading towards a bar inevitably cluttered, due to its location, with over paid city types, it’s easy to wonder how many will spend trivial amounts of money trading professional power for sexual subservience with Doms in dungeons.

And there is a particular irony. The last time I met up with this evening’s drinking buddy, we necessarily walked through the red light / gay quarter of the city centre, where flamboyant queens hung out of bar doorways like gaudy moths. He commented how he loves the freak show, musing that he regards himself as a freak. It’s not the first time he has made similar allusions and it’s easy to wonder a) what he regards as freakery and b) whether he is angling for some sort of confession.

Dressed as I am in skin-tight gender-bending kinkery, the cold air teasing through denim onto the constricting rubber of my stockings, and the gap twixt those and my briefs sensationally unforgettable, it is equally easy to wonder who is the biggest freak?

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