Wall the walk / Talk the talk

Maybe it was coincidence. It could have been unrelated. Did there have to be a reason why I was feeling up?
I’d had a relatively productive day, and that surely has to be some sort of fillip?
Or maybe spending the day in rubber lingerie was the significant influence?

As I’d zipped up the zip-through latex briefs I had to smile.
As I’d talc’d, then rolled up my latex stockings, and finally dampened their cuff to alleviate the need for suspendersuk / gartersus, my cock had stiffened just a little.
And as I walked towards the railway platform, heading to meet a friend in The Big Smoke for a beer or three, it was difficult not to strut. Heavy winter boots and Levi’s finest aside, it really did feel like I was strutting

With concealed pride?
Not in some drag-queen / cross-dressing PRIDE kind of way: fuck knows I’ve done my best to dispel that assumption in the years I’ve been blogging. [Ed: The lady-boy doth protest a too much, me thinks?]
No, Dear Ed, me thinks not.
And that’s kind of my point.

I’ve long thought that women have by far the best choices when it comes to underwear – style, colour, fabric, even function – it’s not impossible to find interesting smalls for men, but convention says you don’t wear them, especially if you’re a straight.

Scour the web and the depiction of men in stockings invariably focuses on feminisation (left) or absurdity (right) …

… and don’t even get me started on men in tights

Masculine images of men in stockings are as apparently even more rare than masculine men openly wearing stockings.

In the process of writing All the best freaks are here, I Googled gender bending: so much of what was returned was less about subverting gender norms than proselytizing about gender preference.

Perhaps I am unusual in my penchant for manties and stockings. They don’t make me feel feminine, I have little interest in fem-dom or transvestism, I am at least 93% hetro, and it’s not a political statement. Some of my proclivity is rooted in subverting norms. But there is also a visceral pleasure from the sensation of a lace thong pulled up between my arse cheeks or the slick constriction of rubber stockings. They just make me feel sexy.

So a question, Dear Stocking Wearing Reader:

Assuming you feel sexy when you wear stockings … why?
Do you feel inherently sexy?
Is it the prospect of someone seeing you in stockings and wanting to fuck you into the middle of next week that feels sexy?
Is it an act of rebellion or conformity that arouses you?
Is it the stockings or the effect they may have on others that makes you feel sexy?
And does that have anything at all to do with gender?

(There is obviously no right or wrong answer. I’m genuinely curious.)

I can unequivocally say it is the wearing of rubber stockings that makes me feel good about myself.
There is no anticipation of even the possibility of anyone (except your good self, Dear Flattering Reader) telling me I’m sexy in latex hosiery. Indeed, based on my Wife’s reaction on the one occasion She saw me in my PVC jeans, quite the opposite. Whilst being confronted by the sight of a middle-aged man in gender-bending, rubber-wear might get some reaching for their own cock (or perhaps less likely pussy), plenty of others (my Wife no doubt included) are more likely to reach for a sick-bag.

But it almost doesn’t matter. I’d love to have someone in my life that enjoyed polishing my latex clad thighs, as much as they enjoyed wrapping their own polished, latex clad thighs around me.
I don’t.
C’est la vie.
So in that absence, I shall continue to privately enjoy my own shiny kink.

This post was all but written when, in the wake of some kind words from the incredibly sexy Lexy Experiment on a recent Sinful Sunday post, I clicked through some links and found Lingerie Is For Everyone. Several weeks in, whilst there have been exceptions (most noticeably from an anonymous contributor who does wear his lingerie very well indeed), despite the inclusive remit, the majority of participants do seem to be predominantly female. As an underwear junkie, perhaps I should do something to help redress that imbalance. Watch this space lingerie lovers.

Lingerie is for everyone


3 Responses to “Wall the walk / Talk the talk”

  1. I was enthusiastically enjoying this post when I came to my own name … and I’m so delighted to have been a catalyst for you to make this. I think your post is a great addition to Violet Fawkes Lingerie Is For Everyone!

    To your question of why, for me (and I think this relates to what you wrote) there’s something about the practice of taking care, of some small act intended simply for ([mostly] private) pleasure, and the mindfulness of noticing it on the body when worn, too.

  2. I’m back because I’m writing the roundup of Lingerie Is For Everyone for Violet, and I noticed you weren’t in the linkup. Was that on purpose or some kind of internet mishap? Curious because I would be mentioning this post if you had intended to be there.

    I also notice that I got overexcited this morning, you’d had the post mostly written and it’s an exaggeration to call myself a catalyst so whoops 😉 . but I am glad you (almost?) found the linkup to this lingerie theme because this is an interesting post.

    • The only reason I hadn’t used the link up was that I hadn’t got round to it. If you’re in a position to add my post retrospectively, you’re more than welcome. (I think the window for me to add it to last week has passed.) Or feel free to just link to the post.

      And whilst you may not have catalysed this post, by bringing L.I.F.E. to my attention you will have catalysed my future participation … and you own pictures definitely induced both a physical and biochemical response. 😯

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