A little bit of politics

Almost any Brit of my generation will remember Friday evening and a skinny bloke with a skinnier red tie, Buggles glasses and a sparkly jacket offering oooh … a little bit of politics.

I like to keep my blog clean and innocent, unsullied by the sordid perversions of politics, but I recently heard a quip on the radio I felt obliged to share …

Whenever I see Trump on the TV I get the same feeling I get after a particularly painful pubic wax: Bush wasn’t that bad.

3 Responses to “A little bit of politics”

  1. I’d MUCH rather have the Wax!!! 🙄

  2. hey I voted for that man. LOLOL… I would take the waxing any day. I have always voted, even at a time when my rights were taken away i still went and voted. It was how I was raised. The hours of tongue lashing my family could produce if I didn’t vote was not worth not voting. So i voted. This last time, I was total willing not to do it, but my husband drag me down so I voted. For Captan Hook, Captian Rogers and can not forget Good old Captain Jake Sparrow. (so hot) Why not we all live under Maritime Law in one way or another. lol

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