The only gimp in the village

Whilst doing a little cloud based housekeeping this week, I found a photo that reminded me of the wild fires that took hold in the Peak District back in June 2018. Jane Wharton reported in the online version of Metro News Paper that …

Woman in a gas mask during raging wildfires sums up true northern grit

A lady wearing a Gas mask on the way back from the shops. Smoke filled streets in Mossley as the Fire service consider evacuating homes due to the Fires on Saddleworth Moor.

Whilst I wouldn’t want to belittle the incident, nor the impact it had on the local comunity, you have to concede it was not as significant as the wild fires in other countries. There was just a hint of sensationalism in the story, and the idea that it summed up true northern grit tends towards a certain kind of nationalistic arogance so prevalent on this plucky little isle.

But before I disapear up my righteous political arse, I’d ask you to think of it in a slightly different light:

  1. I’m no expert (and frankly I couldn’t be bothered to do a whole lot of research on this) but that doesn’t look like a modern gas mask to me.
  2. The fact that the woman pictured is using it in a smokey environment, and carrying two bags of groceries, suggests it is a servicable gas mask.
  3. From what I can see quickly, the bulk of the online reporting of the fire was on the same day as the above article was published. An impulse buy from Amazon would probably not have arrived until a couple of days later.
  4. And admitedly there is a vintage militaria dealer about 15 miles from Mossley which, at the time of writing lists three vintage gas masks for sale. But priced at £175 – £295, it seems unlikely that this gas mask would have been purchsed in responose to the fire – that’s a lot of money just to pop out for some tea bags and a loaf of bread.

So ask yourself, Dear Kinkster, who exactly owns a servicable vintage gas mask?

2 Responses to “The only gimp in the village”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    My immediate reaction led me to the same conclusion!
    ‘Wow, she just happened to have a gas mask in her cupboard? Which means she must be have bought it for a specific purpose…’
    I admire her guts, given village gossip!

    • Mossely isn’t a big town, so i agree, but perhaps it wasn’t her choice – she might live a D/s lifestyle and her D demanded she wear it to the shops.
      Or in a post truth world, maybe the photo was just a set-up?
      But I genuinely hope it’s legit and wad her own choice. #giggle

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