I’m bored.
Bored bored bored bored bored!

For no exciting reason, I’m away from home for a couple of days at short notice. Other than essential clothes and washbag, I have nothing with me save for my phone.
There’s bugger all to do here.
I’m bored.
Mind numbingly bored.

And as usual, when I’m bored, all I can think of is sex.
I’m bored and horny.

All I have for entertainment is my smartphone and the internet.
Bored. Horny. And a world of erotica at my finger tips.

So where do I end up?
It’s a web directory for escorts and I’ve browsed through the lists innumerable times before.

But for a twist of fate, I could so easily be away from home, bored and horny, perusing the virtual calling cards of local sex workers and, more importantly, on my own.

I recently chatted with someone who knows the state of my sexless marriage as well as you, Dear Reader, and I had the impression that, whilst she is devoutly dissolute, she somehow thought there was value in the fact that I haven’t tried to unload my frustrated ejaculate into a cunt less unwelcoming than my Wife’s. Since we have been together, I have never strayed.

Today, however, is somehow different.
Today, were it not for the aforementioned twist of fate that seems me not alone (and the lack of £120), I could easily see myself logging into Adultwork and sending a message to LittleRachel, or DarkGinger or SweetPartyGirl. DarkGinger is just a couple of years younger than me, claims to be a competitive triathlete so has the sort of physique that definitely catches my eye, is wearing rubber in one of her photos, and is only 20min drive from here.

There is one difference today.
Not the notion of fidelity.
Nor any doubt of dis-satisfying fuck.
And no concern of guilt.
Today, it is only the presence of my disinterested companion. And the absence of funds.
Were it not for two simple inconveniences, I believe I would† actually pay to fuck someone today.

[† Obviously, it’s very easy to say you would do something, when you there is something actually stopping you.]

9 Responses to “Bored”

  1. Those are STRONG, Overwhelming feelings you are fighting. I wish you nothing but happiness, no matter your path. 💋

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