Return to the scene of the crime

Circumstance will bring me back to this town. I shall doubtless be bored again. And at some point I will be alone and with money in my pocket. The inevitability is all but absolute. The likelihood of me also feeling horny is extremely high.

It’s a town that has a significant itinerant population, with a plethora of hotels, and undoubtedly a discreet population who service the former with indiscretion.

It is a place I know well from my youth. Not only is it one that my family used as a holiday base on various occasions, it also witnessed an historic moment in my transition to sexual adulthood.

The centrepiece hotel is a dark, imposing monument overlooking the town, and has undoubtedly witnessed innumerable acts of lasciviousness for more than a century. Amongst which, mine was simultaneously insignificant and profound.

It was the first hotel in which I didn’t have to share a room, and as a teenager, the opportunity that that afforded coincided with a paradigm shift.

Arriving at our lodgings around lunch time, we took our bags to our respective rooms, arranging to meet in the lobby for lunch shortly after.

With my door closed behind me, before I even considered unpacking my suitcase, I pulled my trousers down to my knees, sat on the end of the double bed, and gazing out of the window over the hotel grounds, grasped my cock.

I was not new to wanking – far from it – I was already an Accomplished Masturbator with several years experience of self pleasuring. However, I was about to become acquainted with an entirely new experience.

As the pleasure from my stroking increased, something suddenly erupted from my dick. It was unlike anything I had experienced, and as the viscous fluid covered my unsuspecting hands, I was initially unsure whether I had inadvertently pissed myself. With my trousers round my knees, I hobbled to the en-suite bathroom to clean up., still confused by the emission and genuinely worried that I had somehow broken my cock.

With hindsight, I had obviously just ejaculated for the first time.

More than 10,000 orgasms later (based on previous calculations), when I am inevitably back in this town again – alone, bored, horny and with money in my pocket – having long been curious about the possibility of a GFE / PSE / FBE – and apparently having an evolving perspective on sex outside a sexless marriage – maybe I might book a night in that dark, imposing monumental hotel, and call on the services of one of the town’s discrete indiscretes.

8 Responses to “Return to the scene of the crime”

  1. How do you think you will feel afterwards

    • Just make sure Morning momentary satisfaction won’t lead to destructive thoughts or behaviors afterwards.

    • That’s the thing – a year ago I would quite likley have regretted it, but now …
      You asked about marriage, self-worth, stigma and morals.
      My marriage is little more than cohabitation and parenting, and my Wife has made cursory acknowledgement that (in Her words) I want sex at least once a day, so where’s the mutual contract?
      I’m worth more than celibacy.
      Stigma is what other people think, and who’s to know?
      And I don’t have any problems with consentual prostitution.
      If it became habitual, there is the posibility of destructive patterns, but one beer does not make an alcoholic.

    • I COMPLETELY agree with everything you just said. I just wanted to make sure you are gonna be okay. Marriage is more than a piece of paper. If your wife doesn’t understand that, I feel very sorry for her, and you. Find some happiness. We only have one life. I’d always rather regret the things I did instead of the things I didn’t do. 💋

    • Don’t misunderstand my Wife, nor be unduly harsh on Her. For Her the piece if paper is, in many ways, the antithesis of marriage. By contract, I meant that which is implied. And the various state of our relationship cannot, by definition, be solely Her responsibility.
      I’m with you on regret though.

    • SO SORRY!! I didn’t mean to sound harsh. I meant it sympathetically. I used to be her in many ways. We were never sexless, but infrequent for sure!

    • I’ll give you Her phone number and you can tell Her about the “used to be” bit. 🤣

    • Absolutely! Happy to do it! If she’s open to it, it could change her life. It did mine! 😁

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