I shaved my legs for this?

For many of us, it’s easy to look at our marriages and empathise with Deana Carter. (See below.) After a few years together, how many of us haven’t looked across the breakfast table and though I know I said till death do us part, but …! It’s difficult not to sign on the dotted line with the rose tinted expectation that it’s going to be this good for ever. But of course, none of us are

the same people we were 20yrs ago. I’m not. You’re not, Dear Reader. So why should our spouses be? [Ed: Surely a justification for many a divorce?]

And after 20yrs of marital drift, it’s understandable that many if us would stop making an effort.

I don’t really understand why my Wife waxes Her legs. (Well, I presume I understand why She waxes as opposed to shave, but more of that in a moment.) She certainly doesn’t continue to do it for my benefit (nor, I suspect, did She ever), and I’m reasonably confident that it wouldn’t take much provocation for Her to trot out arguments about objectification and infantilisation of depilated women.

Meanwhile, I’ve had my pubes and arse waxed innumerable times, for longer than We’ve been married, though it has never been for my Wife – it’s just for me. And it’s decades since I shaved my legs for anyone. [Ed: You can almost hear AM running towards Twitter and feverishly typing #HalcyonDays !] Not that I wouldn’t do so joyfully for my Wife. If only She would remotely care. Or even notice.

I was reminded of this recently when photographing for Sinful Sunday. Getting dressed in skin tight latex is a lot more comfortable when hairless. Or more specifically, getting undressed is a lot more comfortable. Whilst talc or dressing aid make it easy to slip into second skin, the rubber does tend to grab at hairs when you take it off. (At least if you use talc. I don’t have much experience with dressing aid.)

As you will have noticed, Fellow Sunday Sinner, I am not particularly hairy – I have negligible chest hair and my arms and legs are not thickly forested. Or it didn’t seem so, until taking off my rubber catsuit after my selfie shoot. I have worn it only rarely since I designed it and had it made, and it’s around two decades since Fiona last waxed my legs. (She was a great advocate of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander … and if the goose is going to get her legs and pussy waxed, her gander should be happy to be equally bald. [Ed: Fiona had similar views on buggery and bondage … but that’s another story!] )

Knowing how preferable the long term effects of waxing are to shaving, I’d perfectly happily get my legs done the next time I get my pubes and arse waxed. Except for the expense, as that would increase the cost by ⅔ – not something I can readily justify. And as much as I admire any woman who will spend the time and effort to wax her own legs, frankly I can’t be bothered with the effort.

So I figured I’d take a razor into the shower.
And then I thought …
Shaving my balls has always resulted in uncomfortable stubble, and shaving my arse has been prohibitively so.
I remember feeling stubble on my partners’ legs, but just how uncomfortable is it on your own?
Fiona’s attentions are so far in the past, I honestly can’t remember.
A test was due!
Two small patches have been shaved – one at the top of my thigh, and one at the bottom of my calf. A third patch has also been removed with an epilator.
Just to remind myself of how bad the stubble feels, and whether the benefits for rubber fetishwear are as great as I anticipate.

It’s a bit odd to see a man with shaved legs. Unless he’s an emaciated cyclist, a competitive swimmer, or pneumatic body builder. And my only disappointment so far is that, as we head towards summer, shorts may soon be the order of the day. I have never had the legs (nor habits) of a cyclist, I hadn’t even met Fiona when I last swam a 4x100m IM, and I would be just a tad out of place at Muscle Beach.

So whilst the experiment might provide a useful reminder, it is likely that by the time the bald patches have re-grown, we will be into the warmer weather, and I won’t be reaching for the razor until the skies darken once again.

Unless my Wife suddenly makes it worth the effort.

3 Responses to “I shaved my legs for this?”

  1. I can’t say for others. I know I knew in my gut I shouldn’t have signed. But I did. Most of my marriage was thinking I was somehow wrong.
    Now, I don’t luve with The Dancer, not even close, and we’ll never have disagreements about how to raise our children, since we will never have any in common.
    But I fell in love with his flaws as much as his beauty. He seems to have accepted me with 3 extra stones, and Indare say love me nonetheless. He has long accepted my house is a mess and my room not always better. And still, he loves me. All of me. He takes me as I am.
    Yes, we both have changed in the 4 years we’ve been together. Even sexually, he’s met both sides of me. And still…

    So I’d argue that change is not the reason we grow tired of our partners, lack of unconditional love, of respect, of prospects, of feeling heard or allowed to speak is what makes the difference, as far as I’m concerned.

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