Sinful Sunday 422 – MAMIL

Aw we journey though my collection of latex, Fetish-Curious Reader, and arrive at my next chronological acquisition, I am minded of a creature increasingly seen on the roads of the UK in the last few years.
The M.A.M.I.L.

For those not familiar with the acronym, it’s a mildly pejorative term for male cyclists, clad in skin tight body suits, especially those not in the first flushes of youth … Middle Aged Men In Lycra.

While I did my share of mountain biking in my 20s, and from time to time have cycled for both transport and exercise since, I’ve never really been bitten by the cycling bug. Not to the extent of habitually parading my love handles and unimpressive genitalia in lycra.
See, I do have some dignity, Dear Reader.
[Ed: He’s lying, Dear Reader. As we’re about to see …]

Sinful Sunday

As we have established, I an entirely different type of M.A.M.I.L.
I’m a Middle Aged Man In Latex.

Deciding how to photograph my catsuit took quite a lot of deliberation, and even after I had decided to draw on a staple of the rubber fetish photographic cannon – the shower – I still took over 100 photos. I guess showers are popular because shiny latex really does look fantastic with water running off it. So it’s a pity I forgot to polish my catsuit before the photos. If I have anΒ  excuse, it is that buffing up rubber is so much easier when someone else is wearing it, and obviously I don’t have an willing assistant. Any volunteers?

25 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 422 – MAMIL”

  1. πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ Always happy to help a friend!

  2. Looks like the Flash! Doing any flashing?

  3. I really like the pose and the composition of the photo – zippers and shower heads hither and thither!

  4. Alethea Hunt Says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever pass that acronym again without a little flashback of this piece. x

  5. That is definitely one eye catching outfit.


  6. Fantastic cropped composition, you wear it very well!

  7. DeviantSuccubus Says:

    I like the red colour and the way you are sitting. It makes it look very much like a work of art!

  8. I had too look for a while to work out the position you are in, either way loving the red!

  9. I love the colour. And I agree, self-buffing (the latex variety) is difficult, even with a partner has its moments. We once set off hotel smoke detectors with buffing spray…oops!

    • I have a mental image of you staging outside, dressed in rubber, while the firemen search the building. It must have been so embarrassing to have all the other guests see you in latex that was only half polished.

  10. Ooooh I never thought of latex and showers… this I may have to try!!

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